Méline Portia Lafont – Reminder And Reflection Of The Moment From Merlin – 12 December 2014


Aah, let us speak of this grand awakening of yours for it is a grand one indeed you know. Yet your mind seems to not perceive it as such because you are still inclined to look for some validation. Now there is nothing wrong with that my good friend(s), although I tell you that there is no need for proof outside of yourself as all is already within you. You can feel it, yes! You know this by heart and I understand that but I see that your human self is sometimes calling for something to occur outside of you as it wants to be served with an approval or an idea of creation into a physical proof.

Now let us not prolong that what is yours to come, by waiting for these signs and proof of how good you are on your way, hmm?! It is shown to you through this  expansion in awareness where you feel you are becoming the world and the world is becoming you. It is this overall sense of being one giant world of consciousness and through the experience of more trust, growth and understanding of things. It is a sudden insight and flash of a moment where clarity rules and where you feel at peace with yourself as well as within.

Now, THAT, my friend(s) IS how you know you are on your delightful path of awakening yourself. When you would not be on a path of, let us say ‘God-speed ahead’, you would feel stuck all the time wouldn’t you?! In truth you are always venturing forth on your own God-speed vibration and frequency yet there are some points where some may find themselves stuck and have no means to move forward for a certain amount of time.

But even then and even that is a moment of truth where you have no other choice but to stand still and to look at what is going on here and where this comes from. It literally is a moment of truth where there is no way around the problem anymore and where the problem is the solution itself. You understand that concept?! Hmm, yes indeed as it is always in the problem itself that your solution lies because the problem has been created and has been built on itself.

Fixating on things for example will only lead to a vaster amount of energy called density, so your attitude of going with the flow is providing you a most secure and free flowing journey.


Thank you to Dave S. For presenting me and allow me to share this excerpt of his Merlin Reading ❤  An excellent reminder to ALL in service.

Love, Méline ❤

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