Lisa Gawlas – The “Golden Age” Lives Thru You!! – 13 December 2014

lisagawlas2Well here we are, the “other side.” well, at least for some anywayz, which really surprised me to see some still maneuvering their way thru the portal, or eye of the needle of whatever we want to call the 11th!!  But, before I get to all that, I want to share something that I had seen in a few readings that I really didn’t understand enough to write about.

Several days before that 11 thing took place, there were two people, one male, one female, both on different days, but down days for me, where I went to do their readings and something really strange happened.

I have mentioned before, when I do readings, I literally put my chest on my lap so that my physical eyes are aligned with my floor, the moment I assume that position, everything in my physical reality turns off for a moment and instantly, your field of light is visible to my inner eyes in my back yard.  Once I orient myself to your field of light, my physical environment becomes a soft blur and pales in comparison to your reading energy.  On the days I am “down” I see my floor and only my floor, followed by my bitching!!  lol  With two separate people on two separate “down” days, something unique happened that had me pondering ever since.  I could see my floor instantly, and like a crazy person who refuses the belief the light bulb burned out, I often times, sit up, bend over, sit up, bend over… just to try and get that spark of light going.  While doing this, suddenly I seen my floor, but also seen a wide ray of light bouncing off my floor and out in the field (which is literally, my back yard,)  an image appeared, but it was so blurry I could not make out the details at all.  The only thing I could make out, was the color spectrum, white and gold.  This didn’t happen for everyone, just one man, one lady on two separate days.  I was boggled, first of all, my physical eyes were involved along with my inner eye too.  It kinda went like this:


Obviously I snagged that picture from the net, but I sit to the left, the blurry image showed up to the right.   On the 11th, the opposite happened.  The flood of light coming in from your field made my floor wash out in the light.  This happened to the first two attempts at reading I did that day and I simply stopped trying because the increased light gave me a massive headache.

In the hundreds of thousands of readings I have done over the last decade plus, never had I had an experience like this before.  There are several ways I am feeling with this, nothing every happens in a reading, or hell, in our lives, without a bigger reason.  First, what you put out is what comes back to you, that is a no brainer.  Beyond that, a full on blending of human and soul, three eyes working as one.  Taking in and absorbing what you are connecting to.  Fortunately, I keep really good company in my connections!!

This is not only true for those who do readings or energy work or whatever, it is true for every aspect of your life.  I know for me myself, I am so super sensitive to the energy of discordance and it is most apparent when I am scrolling facebook.  The hate and separation posters out there… few, most commonly targeted at Obama, which in this reflective mirror, is really themselves feeling themselves.  But I can feel the chaos, the rumbling energy that must be what the earth feels like just before a full on earthquake.  In my eyes, the energy too, is black and gray… distortion at its best.  Usually, I just send them a little prayer of light and quickly move on, but lately, not so much.  Tearing a whole in the chaos… leaving comments where I usually wouldn’t.

Responsibility of shining Light… illuminating the darkness on purpose, with purpose.

Which brings me to yesterdays readings.  I had been so looking forward to seeing what was on the “other side” of this timeline of ours.  One this apparent, that solid looking column of white light has turned into a beam of golden energy that reminds me of the sun upside down, coming out of the earth instead of shining down to it.  For most people on yesterdays agenda, the needle itself was still in my view.  It kinda looked like this:

link to picture

If we look at that image as if was a side view, two people were still on the left side trying to make their way thru the eye of the needle, three were on the other side of it.  The first lady just made me giggle.  We were doing an ET – Connect with your guides session and I couldn’t stand it, I had to take a peek at her field, at what the field looked like the day after..  So I slid my chair from ET connection position (front door) to align with the back yard.  The moment i bent over I could see her standing there, just on this side of the needles timeline and the moment… the very moment she seen me looking at her, she turned around and tried to run back thru the needle.  What the hell????

The first thing her team said, it is a one way portal, it is impossible to go back, there is no re-entry to the old from this side.  It all boils down to the immense responsibility we now have taken on.  To come out and BE SEEN.  BE HEARD.

The days of filling up journals that only you will see, over.  The days of only talking to “safe people” who won’t look at you as if you have 10 eyes, over.  The Golden Age is Here BECAUSE YOU are the golden age.  The light of spirit in body.

She is an amazing channeler, not to mention connected to her ET realm as well.  She read me something that she “channeled” several days before and I asked her to share it on my facebook wall.  I want to share it here with you all too, because it is so vitally important in content for those still opening their spiritual gifts within themselves:

You need to start meditation now. Every day, no more excuses. If you say you are going to ascend this must be your most dominant thought at every moment. You must act as if you were already a 5D being. This is ascension. It is jumping to the next level. We are all moving as a planet. But there infinite realities of what could be. You are the only one creating this reality you are experiencing. So if you wish to change it; you must change yourself and your reality. Nothing more. This is all done through meditations and yoga. You MUST do these exercises everyday. Take one of each of four. Do it well. Everyday, same thing for forty days. Start now. Do a ritual on the 21st. A special ritual. One that begins things. You must not smoke or drink for 40 days from this period. Build up your energy. Do it as a challenge. Create yourself anew. Trust it. Just do it.

Life is accelerating from this point forth. Yes you will be contacted directly from your family on the other side, for you belong to a much greater consciousness than you could ever imagine. Life is to flow through you so fast and so strong that you will command armies at your will. For you are truly destined for great things. You have forgotten how special you are and have always been to the creator of all things. You have been queens in other lives many times and on many dimensions. But you are a gentle queen, strong and firm, patient yet ambitious, balanced in her inner strength. Let the creator begin to flow through you, learn to channel your God within. Communicate with us Openly within, and also without.

Everything Will be ok. You Will become highly conscious very soon. This is destiny. this is what is supposed to happen at this time to you in your present incarnation. Just trust it. Know it. Know that all the beings that surround you are this pure reflection of you. For that is why you are Eztnab. You reflect back to everyone their highest selves and possibility of higher vibration. By you just being you, you elevate those around you.

Make them all remember that they know each other. That they love each other. That love is the highest vibration that exists. Together with gratitude. Then be that. At every now moment that you remember. Meditations start now. 1hr.15mins. Set a timer, then move away. And do this everyday. Do it. Even if you have to do it in the office. ~By Fallon

Meditation.  That gateway that allows you the amazing ability to quite the world around you and connect directly into spirit.  But man oh man, we have grown in excuses of why we can’t, won’t, haven’t…. whatever.

My two ladies still on this side of the needle, same conversations directly dealing with meditation, direct and constant connection to their teams.  If you could look at meditation as the foundation, what everything else is built on, an unshakable, unbreakable new house, why wouldn’t you dedicate every moment of your self to your Self??

One of the ladies on the side of still passing thru the needle was in a vision of santa clause in a sleigh with 8 reindeer, two by two, in front of his slay, pulling it.

2- duality.  22 – master builder.  8 – infinity, above and below.  Moving thru the eye of the needle, the eight becomes a large O.  Above and below together as one.

The reindeer representing her guides… yes there job was to get her (all of us) to Here.  They guided in so many ways.  The sleigh is the support of earth in the guidance.  Santa, well that jolly old fellow bearing gifts.  True christed energy in body.  This is the season the majority of the world is focused on Christ-Mass.  Granted, a single dude most call Jesus.  But really, it is the return of the Christ.  YOU.

She could not move thru the eye until she released her reindeer and sleigh and moved in of her own accord.  Imagine that!!  What was also stated too, when she asked about releasing guides… that sounds insane really.  But we have changed or are changing and so is the position of our guides.  As they said, they will go from being guides to being assistant.

Just like the reversal of the light experience I shared above… their position has changed (at least for those on this side of the 11th.)  You are now the CEO of the company called your life, they are your assistance if you do not give them instruction, they get to stand around drinking coffee…. waiting.  For this to happen, you must not only see yourself as fully empowered, but live it as well.

The other lady still on the other side of the needle, what a funny visual.  The center of her face was lodged in the opening part of the needle, her cheeks on the out side of the sides of the needle.  Her core energy (soul) so ready to move thru to this side, her identity however, stuck in the past of experiences and the fear of past experiences with spirit.  Until she releases all the energy of her past, she is wedged…

So lets talk about the folks on this side, the joy from their energy… OMG I just wanted to giggle like kid. I couldn’t see more than what felt like three days out (taking us to that 15th line) but the radiance of golden light that surrounded them… holy shit batman.  The gifts from the universal spirit of all life, stacking up as if there is no end to them.  We are also adjusting to it all as well.  Taking in the rays of golden light as we accept the new role (even if we aren’t 100% sure on what that is… yet.)  Sometimes (excuse me, most times) we must say yes before we know what we got ourselves into.  Blind faith of your soul now in full experience, in action on the new earth.

From what I am (ever so slightly) understanding, the rest of this month is pretty much fitting into our new clothes, our new expansive roles in life, tuned in to the expansive love that we are…

Spirit had said in the first quarter of next year, there are massive “galactic portals” embedded in each month.  My first question was… can you give dates so I can plan my calendar accordingly?????!!!!!  Their crazy ass smirky smile is all I got back.

However, I do, sorta, understand the significance.  Many of us are star seeded energies from other realms, having direct communication and participation with your family from other worlds, key to that juncture and accelerated application.  That’s all I know for now!!

The game is about to get even more interesting than it ever was.  I would like to leave you with a meditation that is designed specifically to get you in full contact with your soul and with your team.  If you do not have that connection yet, I assure you, you are fully equipped and ready to have it, you just have to put the work in to strength train it all.  I am going to leave you with the CITY OF LIGHT meditation at the end of this sharing.

Also, one last thing, the rest of my December is fully booked, and on December 25th I am taking a two week pause for the cause to go love on my babies.  I will be back January 7th, freash, new and ready for the rest of our evolution.  Please know, all the specials I have is geared for the emergence of the full on 2015 year ahead.  Its going to be wet and wild and interesting to say the least.  If you need help connecting with your galactic family, I have a package for that too!!  Front page of my website.  Until this moment, I did not put that on special, but my team is insisting I do… and a whopping $40 off to boot thru 1/1/15.

Remember, YOU are the Golden Age, LIVE IT OUT LOUD!!

(((((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))))) of grand adventures and amazing gifts aplenty to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article

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