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ActivistPost – The Global Bankers’ Coup Coming To US with Bail-In Bill – 14 December 2014

Logo_activistpost-comEllen Brown
Activist Post

On December 11, 2014, the US House passed a bill repealing the Dodd-Frank requirement that risky derivatives be pushed into big-bank subsidiaries, leaving our deposits and pensions exposed to massive derivatives losses. The bill was vigorously challenged by Senator Elizabeth Warren; but the tide turned when Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorganChase, stepped into the ring. Perhaps what prompted his intervention was the unanticipated $40 drop in the price of oil. As financial blogger Michael Snyder points out, that drop could trigger a derivatives payout that could bankrupt the biggest banks. And if the G20’s new “bail-in” rules are formalized, depositors and pensioners could be on the hook.

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Jon Rappoport – Reality Is Not Immortal: Exit From The Matrix – 14 December 2014

jon7One way or another, 99.99999999% of the world’s spiritual systems get around to denying individual power. Eventually, they all proclaim that power is coming from someplace else. It’s so convenient to say so. It’s such a gigantic lie, most people buy it. They love buying it.

Whereas: Reality is an elastic substance pretending to be immortal.

And: Reality is waiting for imagination to revolutionize it down to its core.

Where do people store ideas about their potential—a potential of power that vastly outstrips anything the spiritual systems of Earth have mentioned or speculated about? People store all that knowledge in the place where they believe it belongs: Continue reading

Moscow To Sweden: Alleged ‘Colliding’ Jet 70km From Civil Route, Used NATO Tactics – 14 December 2014

RT logoRussia’s Defense Ministry has dismissed Sweden’s accusation that an unresponsive Russian military aircraft nearly collided with a passenger plane over the Baltic Sea. The ministry added that NATO planes in the area also have their transponders turned off.

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The Russian aircraft in question was 70 kilometers away from the flight path of a passenger jet taking off from Copenhagen, and thus there were “no prerequisites” for collision between the two, Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said in a statement. He also denied allegations that the military jet was flying right above southern Sweden, breaching its airspace.

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Berlin Anti-War Rally Protests NATO Militarism, Anti-Russian Warmongering – 14 December 2014

RT logoHundreds of people in Berlin joined the German Peace Movement march on Saturday, blaming the West – especially the US and NATO – for spreading wars worldwide. The protest called for peaceful resolutions to conflicts and mending relations with Russia.

At least 3,500 people came out to support the ‘Die Friedensbewegung’ march, which ended outside Bellevue Palace – the official residence of Germany’s President Joachim Gauck.

Footage from Ruptly shows hundreds of people marching down the streets chanting while carrying placards, posters, flags and signs.

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Jon Rappoport – GMO Wars: The Right Of The People To Nullify Fascism – 14 December 2014

jon7Consider the two counties in Oregon (Jackson and Josephine) that banned GMO crops.

Consider the measures in Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island of Hawaii that blocked further development of GMOs and the spraying of toxic pesticides.

They all won.

Then the state government of Oregon, in order to stop the trend, passed a law forbidding counties from unilaterally banning GMOs.

In Hawaii, a federal magistrate struck down the victories in Kauai and the Big Island, on the basis that such matters are controlled by state law. If he has his way, he’ll render the same opinion re Maui. Continue reading

Watchdog: Radioactive Fukushima Water To Be Cleaned, Dumped Into Pacific – 14 December 2014

RT logoJapan’s nuclear watchdog says the radioactive water that has accumulated at the battered Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant must be decontaminated and dumped into the ocean, local media reported. The news has sparked concern from local fisherman.

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“We have to dispose of the water,” Shunichi Tanaka, chairman of the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA), told a media conference after visiting the crippled nuclear power plant on Friday, Asahi Shimbun reported.

The NRA chief was referring to the contaminated water stored in tanks on the premises of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi power plant. He added that the water – which is tainted with radioactive material – poses a risk to the safety of the decommissioning work.

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NYC Police Union Wants Mayor De Blasio Banned From Officer Funerals – 14 December 2014

RT logoNew York City’s largest police union has started a petition to stop Mayor Bill de Blasio and Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito from attending their funerals, should they be killed in the line of duty.

The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association (PBA) posted a link on its website with a petition for officers to sign, requesting that the two politicians do not attend their funerals because of their “consistent refusal to show police officers the support and respect they deserve.”

“I, as a New York City police officer, request that Mayor Bill de Blasio and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito refrain from attending my funeral services in the event that I am killed in the line of duty,” the petition states.

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John Ward – Opinion : The Peculiar World In Which Kiruna Stamell Becomes A Heroine – 14 December 2014

JohnWEastenders soap porg Kiruna Stamell sued the Post Office because the chip and pin machines are too high for her to reach. Much as the thought of privatised troughers having their backsides caned is a thrilling thought, Stamell bullied the company into settling out of Court…and they’re now fitting flexible wires in all branches.

When she originally complained instore, staff tried to make steps from cardboard boxes, which she says caused her embarrassment. I find that an incredibly self-absorbed response to an act of kindness. Continue reading

British Troops To Return To Iraq Next Month To Fight ISIS – 14 December 2014

RT logoUK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon has announced that hundreds of British troops will be sent to Iraq next month to train local Kurdish and Iraqi forces to fight the Islamic State.

In an interview with the Telegraph, Fallon said the troops will be training Iraqi and Kurdish forces in skills such as improvised explosive device (IED) and bomb disposal techniques, gained from years of experience in dealing with roadside devices in Afghanistan, as well as infantry skills.

There will also be a small force protection team of combat ready troops who will be there to defend the military training teams.

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The trainers will be based in four safe centers inside Iraq that have been created by the Americans; one is in Kurdish territory, while the other three are near Baghdad.

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CIA Torture Is Reason For France To Exit NATO – Le Pen – 14 December 2014

RT logoThe shocking revelations of CIA torture techniques give France a reason to exit NATO, National Front party leader Marine Le Pen said on Saturday. The report on the CIA’s former interrogation practices has drawn wide criticism since its release.

If indeed everyone is outraged by the tortures used by the US then, let’s leave NATO,” Le Pen said during an interview with Europe 1 radio channel. She wrote the same statement on her Twitter account.

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