AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Here-IN Lies The Golden Key To FREE – 15 December 2014

Journal Snapshot 12/11/95I have been inspired to share and demonstrate my own awakening and direct application of frequency wisdom. I am not one to offer more data and information-food for the mind to consume, so that it may continue in its addiction to distraction. Distraction from what? The truth that we are still attempting to live life within a very small context that we have long outgrown. I translate and share frequency to reach and excite the heart of others in this Many-to-Oneness experiment. Personally, I do not need these audio translations. I experience this wisdom as direct knowing. I don’t require “channeling” for myself. It is about re-identifying with the frequency of “I” – the I AM that lives in the core of every human being on Earth. And it’s about stopping long enough to feel-hear-know IT. The translation mechanism kicks in without thought. I record and share it for anyone who may find it helpful.

The experience of the full integration of this Universal Identity is here. There is no escape from LIFE. In these radically transformative times, some will choose to physically die to meet LIFE once again (as has been done for eons) because that’s what they choose! And there are many that have chosen to consciously die to the past and embrace LIFE presently, while still IN-bodied, and you know who you are.

I share my own process not as a statement that “this is the way”. I share because I am following the Golden Rule. I notice when others share about their own direct experiences and knowing, that it excites and helps me to fill in some of the blanks along my own journey. I offer the same to others on this glorious passage into the full-embodiment of I AM consciousness on Earth.

As a result of my expanded communion state this morning, I clearly saw how simple this shift is… and from this larger context, it is actually quite humorous how we make it SO difficult. I did not verbally translate this morning’s knowing, but I saw in my mind’s eye that if I wanted to share something, the messages on this topic were provided in an already-existing audio file (below) from October this year.

So, how much longer will we remain in the perpetuation of the 3D world? How about engaging with Source directly? Perhaps the final step in this shift is to consciously choose to die to the past, embrace LIFE DIRECTLY, and radiate this LOVE into our world. This is the game changer. BEING who we TRULY are is a natural letting go of the egoic need to fix, heal, protest, save, or fight anything that is already dead. I was shown that any confusion now is an opportunity to ask this question, “In what way(s) am I still trying to rationalize, cling to, and drag the past into this NEW EXPANDED CONTEXT because there is a fear of the Unknown? Question: What do you truly want? I am speaking of essence – vibrational energy without 3D framing. Do you know yet? I recommend spending some NOW-time with yourself to locate this signature vibration, just as this Cosmic Golden Frequency showed me. Then, let go of everything that you have known from the past, and take an actual, physical step in the direction of the energetic signature that is the full and passionate you. Here-IN lies the Golden Key to FREE.

Blessings to all of you in this Season of Love. Open and welcome the beautiful, Golden Christ-Self that you are. It’s now time.  ~ EM

Note on audio. I edited out most of the light language and sounds referred to in the message. Not everyone is interested in hearing, feeling and absorbing without words. Send me a note if you are interested and I’ll make it available. / link to original article


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