‘Islamophobia, EU Criticism – Two Pillars Of Populism And Extremism In Germany’ – 16 December 2014

RT logoIslamophobia we see now in Germany has nothing to do with classical neo-Nazi ideology, it is partly fueled by right-wing extremists and populists who impose on the locals the idea of a threat coming from Muslims, Daniel Koehler from EXIT-Germany told RT.

German police have established there is a considerable rise in far-right extremism and violence against foreigners in Germany. The attacks seem to be a backlash against the sharp increase in the number of refugees arriving in Germany. It remains the strongest EU economy and attracts thousands of migrants and asylum-seekers. At the same time the Muslim community in Germany is sounding the alarm over rising Islamophobia in the country.

RT: The migrants themselves say Germany is a great country to come to as there are lots of options for education and government support. But is that the kind of help actually fuelling attacks on migrants?

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