Laura Bruno – Forest Garden In Winter – 16 December 2014


A beautiful thank you note from Bealtaine Cottage! And thank YOU, Colette, for sharing and inspiration. I still contend you have no idea how many lives you’ve touched. Your ripple effect extends very far, indeed. 🙂

Originally posted on Bealtaine Cottage:

DSC00015A new camera…thanks to you, who so kindly donated to this little site…and here’s to all the much improved pics to come!


This is what’s termed a “bridge camera,” that is one between what I had before and a professional camera.


It is of course a pre-loved model…very loved from the excellent condition and not costing the earth!


It’s so great to be able to finally capture on film what it is I see in life around Bealtaine Cottage.


This has given me such a great lift in the depths of Midwinter, that I could sing!


I hope that as more and more people see these pictures, they will feel inspired to plant trees and maybe even turn lawns into forest gardens!


The gardens continue to produce food even in the cold, short days of December. Here the Purple Sprouting Broccoli grows amid the freshly added seaweed. The seaweed was…

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