Pentagon Confirms Military Buildup Along Russian Borders For ‘Peace And Stability’ – 17 December 2014

RT logo(Lucas : and truly this is again an example how the people still believe and are led. introducing after the Ukraine the old cold war doctrine is just a measure to mislead and distract again from that what is happening in your country and really is going on not mentioned in the mainstream media….)

The Pentagon has confirmed the military buildup along Russia’s borders to ensure long-term “peace and stability” in the region. Earlier Moscow accused NATO of a sharp increase in air activity and intelligence flights in the border zone.

Replying to RIA Novosti’squery on the increased number of NATO flights around Russia’s borders, a Pentagon representative told the news agency that the military presence of the alliance has increased, but all operations are carried out under utmost “transparency.”

The current efforts of the US European Command, the Pentagon official said, are in line with Operation Atlantic Resolve and demonstrate American “commitment to the collective security of NATO, the long-term peace and stability in the region”, particularly in the light of Russian “interference” in Ukraine.

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