Lisa Gawlas – Midwifing Each Other Thru The Great Expanse! – 18 December 2014

In the middle of the night the moon creates a glow. Forever expanding upon the sea that is its home. In the depths of space and time it stands still. A bath of color explodes around the moon. Sending chills and shock waves through time. A new life, a new era is born. By: emoryu21 (cloci image to go to their art page.)

One thing became ever evident yesterday, my feeling zone, that place called the solar plexus, OMG talk about overdrive!!  The first phone call I had yesterday morning was with my son and the more we talked about christmas and our time together and my grandson, I swear to god, my whole energy system became like fireworks leaping out of every pore of my skin.  I could feel it and see it happening.  We got so giddy like two little school kids who could not just stop giggling together.  Thru it all, it was if my team pointed its finger at the energy and said “this is where creation is formed.”   Granted, you don’t have to break down into a giddy child like mentality, but the freakin joy, the excitement…  Even with that, I hear my team continue on to say, that is where the universe shows up to not only create the energy into solid form, but witness the experience of it all with you and thru you too!!

And even that, its just the tip of our iceberg!!

As I got closer to my first connection of the day, that excitement in my solar plexus started growing again… dancing around in my stomach.  How could I help not be excited??  When we got connected, I could see these three really thick, like tree trunks thick, vines growing from the ground.  They emerged upwards about 4 feet and my entire vision fell off line.  What the hell??  I tried to start it again, I couldn’t hold the vision to save my life.  Talk about a spiritual tease!!  Give us a glimpse enough to know something is happening, but not enough to know what is happening!  Geez Louise!

The one thing I was sure of, these three thick vines (one maybe the size of a basketball, the other two, the size of softballs) were connected by one root system beneath a ground I could not see but knew was there.  I also knew that these three green things were the formation of the living trinity, physicality (the biggest of the vines,) soul and creator.  Three as One.  But like I said, I could only hold the vision for maybe 10 seconds, long enough to watch them sprout up to about 4 feet, then I fell apart.  We rescheduled.

My next lady, weirder still.  I could feel the energy of her reading sprawled out in the place I call the present moment… but all I got were random pixelation of points of her unviewable image.  Some specks of color at the edge of the right side, a little at the left, but mostly it felt like a big old blanket covered what I was not able to see.  What the freakin hell is up with this vision of mine, that only the day prior was so crisp and clear.  Not only was my vision crazy, the audio that was so fluid and consistent the day before, missing!!

We were in the midst of a little snow storm, for the first 10 years of reading, I was never affected by the weather patterns on earth, only the sun.  This last year or two, I have become so sensitive to the barometric changes in our atmosphere that seems to have a tremendous affect on my antennas.  But I was so excited, deeply excited from the inside… how could I be down?  We rescheduled.

I decided to turn on my TV to see if the local channels were talking about how long the snow will last and how much snow we were going to get.  Seems my outer world was reflecting my inner world, the satellite TV was completely down.  ADDED WARNING:  For the last two hours, my internet has been down more than it was up, if I do not call you today at our assigned time, it is simply because my internet is down. Please call me at 505-926-1231.  I call thru google voice, but I answer on my landline.

The only constant with every connection yesterday, was the party happening in my belly as I got prepared to call each person.  By the time I contacted my third person, my vision was completely offline.  And yet, the excitement in my gut grew with each phone call.  It got so big in my belly I swear I was having a baby that was coming thru my solar plexus and this baby was coming out equipped with party hats and streamers.  Yet, the moment we connected, nuttin to see or hear.  Just pure feeling that felt massive, but what the hell is it all about??

After I rescheduled my last connection for the day, I plopped on the processor called my couch.  During the course of the next three hours, I became close to immobile as all that feeling emerged in a story of understanding.

What I seen with my first two connections was the process underway.  (Dates are not as applicable as I am going to make them seen, everything is a wave so some are just now experiencing this, and others already have, and yet others, their day is coming.)  The 15th we went thru the seed huller, stripping us to expose the pure DNA for planting.  The 16th, we were set up at the ground frequency best suited for our growth.  The 17th, we started growing.  Just like in the time lapsed video I shared the other day of the growth of plants, we are in that same accelerated space.  My vision can only see what is held in created reality, even if it didn’t show up yet, the energy of potential is there and that is what I see.  When we are in what we can perceive as the accelerated growth, I cannot see its process.  As the loving universe keeps telling me, I would massacre the interpretation of what is happening, its too quantum and beyond my scope of understanding.

What I was feeling in my solar plexus thru each connection is the emerging larger selves of each other.  Yesterday, we set each other up like each others midwife, pulling more and more of that pure feeling state we call soul, into the larger reality we call physicality.  It was also showing the “upgrades” of my feeling centers.  The day prior, my hearing and seeing became fuller, yesterday, the feeling, the thing that is crucial to understanding what I am seeing and even hearing, came online in its upgrades too.

This is the way we “grow” even tho I now so understand why our teams really dislike the word growth right now.  Because in fact, we are already complete and coming on line… and yet, we need the element of our perception of time to fully fit into our new version with all enhancements in tact.

One of the first conversations yesterday, we were talking about that tubie thing I will just say was the 15th energy and how some people that I had seen was in a tube that connected to, I think, the solstice (not sure since I never really seen its finish point.)  The moment I said the winter solstice, I could see these twinkles, like the sparkles from cinderellas dress (the image i used the other day) float up and around the air.  Well, thats gotta be good!!  lol

Now in contrast to the twinkling of the solstice, one of the last conversations yesterday, about what she is feeling with her husband and their two separate lives marriage… the first thing she mentioned was she was all up in her head about it.  I assured her that is not so… I felt the emotion thru her tears.  Our mind is incapable of such deep emotion, even if the emotion is sadness, (which is NOT to be confused with depression of the mind) thru our conversation, I was shocked to actually get a visual.. well, first came feeling, like the ground rumbling beneath my feet and then the opening of the earth itself.  Lets change the word earthquakes to heartquakes… and opening to see the bigger picture, to immerse into the bigger energy coming thru.

I found a perfect picture to go with her story:


The top side of this image, very much like what her team put directly in front of my face.  Her instruction was to jump into the opening and look deeper… so I have to smile in this science image of an earthquake, the “focus” is deep inside the opening.  Don’t try and see with your eyes, see with your heart!!!

Ohhhh, I forgot something from my own meditation several days ago and it is completely in relationship to this earth quaking scenario too.  When I watched myself grow really really large, the next thing I seen was a super large golden white foot stepping down on the ground.  The body of light must have been to large, like giants large, that the sheer energy of putting the foot on the ground created a rumble and then, an opening in the earth itself as the two plates separated.  With this, this morning I understand the great divide from those living fully from the heart of spirit and those living deep in the world of 3D illusion.  WE are the ones causing this, and its a great thing!!

Now, to kind of completely change the subject a bit.  I want to back up to one of the ladies I read for on the 16th.  She appeared as a solid slab of white light.  (About 3 inches thick, about 3 feet wide and 4 feet tall.)  She was leaning towards the future at about a 90 degree angle.  Coming into her from what we think of as the future… winds of change.  I watched as these winds, very specific in their agenda, sliced her white slab at the top down about 6 inches.  The winds then took on energy much like a surgeon I suppose, and I could see her core energy fully exposed and they (the wind energies) were inlaying her core with this intricate series of tiny golden loops.  It was the most beautiful thing i had seen, the core thingie.  The wind explained that each of these loops that I am perceiving are like transmitters.  The “international” galactic family is going to become more participatory as we move into 2015, and those with alignments are receiving these “transmitters” (that are much more than transmitters.)

They even showed us the way they worked… well… sorta.  When one of the golden loops becomes active, it vibrates and is transmitting energy, messages, communication.  As we answer the call consciously, it activates the other tiny loops connected with it, which creates an even greater expansion in our understandings but equally, with our skill sets we have developed and even perfected within other realms of life.

2015 is going to be a very fast paced evolution of ourSelves, our job is to keep up, apply, expand again, keep up, apply, expand again.

There is a word of caution here, and I get the visual like being in 1st grade and choosing not to do the work assigned, you repeat first grade again.  We had lifetimes upon lifetimes to get here slowly.  No more.  White water rapids here we come!!

On that note, lets just do it in a great big ole group (((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))

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