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Jon Rappoport – My 3 Matrix Collections: Your Reality – 19 December 2014

jon7There are 3 collections: The Matrix Revealed; Exit From The Matrix, and Power Outside The Matrix.

They cover the nuts and bolts of consensus reality, which is to say, invented reality.

Not only on political, economic, and social levels, but on the level of the mind.

We live in a limited spectrum of perception. The actual arc is much greater than we experience.

Even more important, the vast majority of human beings live in a small corner of their creative potential. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Disruption Of Our Electronics Highway As The InterGalactic Community Comes Online!! – 19 December 2014

lisagawlas2Ya ever feel like you are living a real life scene from the Twilight Zone??  As yesterday progressed, that is sure as hell how I was feeling.  When I woke up my internet was down, not a completely unusual thing, but always frustrating.  Every now and again it would pick itself back up and I could hurry up and open a browser (mainly, wordpress so I can do what I got up to do) and then it would crash again… and again… and again.  I didn’t feel too panicky since I posted this dilemma in my blog yesterday and asked to have those on my dance card, to call me.  It really is amazing how much of our (my) life is dependant on the internet for functionality!!! Continue reading

Sandra Walter – Briliant Multidimensional Intensity – 19 December 2014

Sandra Walter Ascension GuideBlessings Beloved Light Tribe,

I continue to be amazed by what is happening right now to our consciousness. Personally, it has been absolutely fascinating to experience the multidimensional merge so strongly. My days are a balance of delving into these experiences, along with a great amount of technical and creative work. I AM sure many Wayshowers are performing the balancing act, and getting accustomed to the New Light flow.

As the intensity of our experiences, both physical and non-physical, compliments the approaching wave of New Light, we pull back and gain perspective on how this is occurring. First, a brief summary of the sequence of major events which unfolded in 2014. After, a look at the DNA drop, a message from the Divine Team, and sharing of some interesting personal experiences. Continue reading

Plainclothes NYPD Officer Hits Teen Subdued By Other Cops – 19 December 2014

The New York Police Department said it has launched an internal investigation of a plainclothes police officer caught on video punching a young suspect as three uniformed cops tried to subdue and handcuff him during an arrest.

The video shows a young black man surrounded by NYPD officers when a white man in a camouflage jacket sprang from nowhere to punch multiple times in the stomach.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Stop it! Get off of him!” yelled Sarah Doneghy, who recorded the incident and uploaded the video to YouTube. The video does not indicate the date or time of the incident.

Read the full story at: www.rt.com / link to original article

Experimental Ebola Drug Helped Critically Ill Doctor – Study – 19 December 2014

RT logoAn anti-Ebola prototype drug has helped a critically ill doctor from Sierra Leone, according to the latest study. The medic, who was flown to a German hospital in September with severe Ebola symptoms and discharged a month later, fully recovered.

The study, published in medical journal The Lancet, has urged clinical evaluation of the treatment.

The 38-year-old doctor was airlifted and transferred to Frankfurt University Hospital in September, showing vascular leakage and failure of several organs.

“In view of the urgency for action in light of the current epidemic, where validated therapies are desperately needed, the efficacy of FX06 should soon be assessed in clinical trials or at least by standardized collection of data from patients with Ebola virus disease who received it in a compassionate use setting,” the patient’s medics wrote in The Lancet.

Read the full story at: www.rt.com / link to original article

Jon Rappoport – Alive In The Moment – 19 December 2014

jon7“I fell asleep on the bus and when I woke up, the driver was at the end of the line. I didn’t mind. I got off and started walking home. It was a spring night, near the ocean. Within a minute or so, I realized I felt wonderful. There were no thoughts going around in my head. The street, the buildings, the air…I was so happy it was ridiculous.” (The Underground)

What if seven billion people agreed, and you were the one person who disagreed?

You should be so lucky.

A stark contrast on that scale is never visible. And by scale, I mean everybody on Earth asserts A and you assert Z. 7,000,000,000 to 1. Continue reading

Being Gay In The UK Could Affect Your Pay, Study Suggests – 19 December 2014

RT logoHow much you are paid in the UK is not merely defined by the gender pay gap. It could also be based on your sexual orientation.

That’s according to researchers, who say that lesbians in the UK are likely to earn up to 8 percent more than their straight counterparts. Gay men, however, are liable to earn around 5 percent less than heterosexual men.

The study was commissioned by the World Bank and the IZA World of Labor Project, and carried out by Anglia Ruskin university economist Dr Nick Drydakis.

The striking pattern is reflected internationally. In Germany, gay men are expected to be paid around 9 percent less than straight men, while in the US, they earn 16 percent less on average.

Read the full story at: www.rt.com / link original article