Lisa Gawlas – Disruption Of Our Electronics Highway As The InterGalactic Community Comes Online!! – 19 December 2014

lisagawlas2Ya ever feel like you are living a real life scene from the Twilight Zone??  As yesterday progressed, that is sure as hell how I was feeling.  When I woke up my internet was down, not a completely unusual thing, but always frustrating.  Every now and again it would pick itself back up and I could hurry up and open a browser (mainly, wordpress so I can do what I got up to do) and then it would crash again… and again… and again.  I didn’t feel too panicky since I posted this dilemma in my blog yesterday and asked to have those on my dance card, to call me.  It really is amazing how much of our (my) life is dependant on the internet for functionality!!!

The internet was taking on a life of its own, or a death maybe, or both!!  Yes, BOTH!!  I did not have enough internet juice to open or send emails, once my blog finally was able to get published, I could not refresh that page or even use my online calendar (all opened in separate browsers) but facebook… easy peasy.  5 out of 6 appointments were all on my facebook page, so I threw up another warning to call me if I do not call you at our appointment time.

The first appointment called.  I answered on the first ring… I got a dial tone.  She called back, I let it ring two times to really let the call connect to my phone, I answered it, another dial time.  She tried one more time to call, when I answered it the phone was crackling and spitting then sent out a loud sound then disconnected to a dial tone.  What the hell!!??  This is my landline I am using.

At least we could communicate on facebook, she said everytime she called it went straight to voice mail, I told her no, I answered it every time.  Two very different experiences happening at the very same time.  Weird.

My second appointment called, same thing.  As my morning was getting deeper, the internet experience was getting weirder.  I had my usual 4 browsers open, all but my facebook one was looping, trying to get that internet connection, yet facebook was just fine, for which I was grateful for, at least I have some way to communicate with most of the people on my agenda.   Except that one lady and her time loomed nearer, stress was setting in!!  Not to mention, all my antennas were on and functioning, I want to use them dammit!!

My phone rang at her scheduled time, I answered it, truly expecting a dial tone, I about shit when there was a voice on the other line!!  Hurray!!!  We made contact!!!!!  The only one not on my facebook is the only one that made it thru. Bizarre, but ya know, who cares, I can do what I was planning on doing… reading!!

What I do find interesting with her tho, she lives in the Yukon, remote, away from most current technology, population a whopping 300.  They do not even offer the iPhone in her world.  Remote… and maybe it is exactly this reason why she was able to get thru without effort.

Our use of technology uses a tremendous amount of energy, it creates more static in the air than we realize.  Not just our individual use of it, but our neighbors, our businesses and all else that is happening around us.

Her reading gave us a lot of understanding about what is happening electronically in our vast world called life itself.  Instead of seeing her, or what I expected to be some “form” of her, instead I seen these three… things.  I will just show you how it looked to me, cuz I have no way of really describing it:


I used a black background just to show contrast, but I was seeing this in full living color.  Those three columns were made of pure solid white light energy as was the ground that made the three one connected form.  They were aligned across her forward path, from west to east.  As I focused in on what the hell I was seeing, suddenly and quite by surprise, the one on the left suddenly went down into the ground, and then the one on the right did as the one on the left came back up, then the middle and before I knew it, these three things were going in and out up and down all I could think is she turned into a game of whack-a-mole!!!  How the hell do you interpret this???  Is this her form??  Is it something else??  I couldn’t quite get a handle on it.  Then her team added something even stranger… as these white things were going up and down, in and out I heard a very familiar tune.

I thought, can I really be hearing that… and if so… why??  So her team added in the colored lights with the sound of the melody as her white thingies go up and down.  So we took a minute and talked about the movie Close Encounters and affirmed, the music and lights where in relationship to the mother ship making contact, communicating!!!  Hmmmm….

I looked at her white thingies and realized, yes this all representing her, her emerging form of Light.  I moved in closer to understand more.  I realized something… something very exciting and should have been evident in this amazing moment of our evolution, but I was surprised and excited instead.  When I looked and felt directly with the white thingie that was on the right side of her center, or east side, which is the emotional / spiritual side, i could feel the energy of physical reality as its skin.  The opposite was true for the one on the left, west side, which should represent physicality and the energy was of spirit.  The middle one on what I would call center path, made it all work.  The engine if you will.  And of course, we have that whole trinity thing going on with the three… physicality, soul and source as one working whole.

Then that big ahhhhh-haaaaaa moment happened as I was trying to figure out why the left and right sides were feeling so different with her.  Our job was to wrap our soul in matter and our matter in soul and sure enough, that is the ONLY way we will reach the heights of wherever the hell we are going!!

Then if strange didn’t get a bit stranger.  Good thing I LOVE STRANGE!!!  As her melody and lights and whack-a-mole energy is going on and on, suddenly from the very tops of her 3 white thingies, strands of the most beautiful glistening golden threads started to emerge upwards and outwards.  The most amazing, thick network of golden energy.  Suddenly as I am keeping my nosy eye on her process, I was startled.  Up in what I am just going to call the sky, a big green scaly face appeared.  Shame on me, I insulted him right off the bat, calling him freaky looking!!  For a minute, tho, he was!!  I also realized, he is alive and incarnate cuz he had attitude and I could really feel how my use of the word freaky made him feel.  Awwwwww.  Now I know my antennas have seriously been upgraded.  I have done so many ET connections since March but never get the crisp clear clarity of their form like I had with her reading.  And the ease of communication… yay!!

I crack myself up a lot of times when something that should be so evident completely surprises me in the appearance.  Even tho we were getting the melody and light show from the Close Encounters movie, I was shocked to see a big ole ET face up in her reading.

Of course, the first thing I thought… reptilian??  Instantly he said, reptilians have gotten such a bad rap in our realm and he is nothing like what we have written stories about.  And I could feel it, the love, the sensitivity, the beauty.  I mean his face, after I got done with the shock, was becoming so beautiful.  I did not see the body, only the face.  The most amazing deep green scales that actually reflected gold as light hit him.  I am not even sure where the light was coming from since he was at the top looking down at us.  His eyes, OMG his eyes were like gemstones.  At first they appeared like rubies, with his own inner light radiating outwards thru them, stunning.  Then like sapphires.  He said that he can change his eye color at will.  He can change his form at will and he even snuck in the conversation that so can we, once we remember how.I

(ADDED NOTE:  There is a tremendous amount of information that I am understanding about our eyes and the energy of our eyes, sadly, I do not have time to write about it today… Tomorrow, please let me remember, tomorrow!!)

This ladys reading strings right together with my other lady whose core energy was being inlaid with the golden loops of “transmission.”  What is underway right now that is seriously affecting our satellites and our electronics, is the full on connections.  It takes an energy source like no other before and while everything is being completed, we will have ongoing disruption of all things electronic.

Ohhhh the things we are going to remember and bring to life in this amazing realm of earth.  On that note, my day is about to begin and I am so flipping excited to see what we see today!!

I love you and thank you soooo much for giving me the most amazing privilege of being your intermediary of, well, everything!!  Big big big ((((HUGZ))))) of pimped out light fields to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article

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