Lisa Gawlas – Seeing Is Creating… – 21 December 2014

lisagawlas2Visual Perception.  Energy in, energy out.  The eyes have more creational ability than I ever realized.  I never realized what my “eye surgeon” team was doing when I intentionally asked them in my meditation to give me clearer vision.  I watched them work, one on the right eye, one on the left eye and one at the back of the head at the visual cortex.   I thought the whole thing was a fail since I could not produce the emotion of really caring whether or not my physical vision was 20/20 or not.  I forget tho, we ALL have two sets of visions, our physical vision and what I will just call our spiritual vision.  My spiritual vision, now I have a lot of emotion invested in that, every moment of every day.

Creation happens at the emotional level of desire.

Two days (or so) later, I was in between readings and standing in between my kitchen table and my desk that I am at now, and my team had me look at the seat I read the field in, and then the seat I put out what I read and never realized they were in direct alignment with each other, parallel to each other.  Then they took my vision behind me, to my couch.  If you were to draw a straight line from each chair at a 90 degree angle, they would meet at my couch, my visual processor.

This all came into such amazing clarity for me with the presence of my Yukon lady’s friend in the sky, who said we can call him George.  The radiance in his eyes changed colors, which changed the colors I was seeing on my ladies humpy thingie (smile) which changed the tones being emitted.  He even stated there is so much more energy involved in our eyes than we fully realize.

There are two ways in which we are using our eyes.  First, the majority of us start out seeing the physical world around us and defining it according to what we think we know about it, usually, defined by someone else’s perceptions that become a part of our belief systems.  Whatever you are seeing as the world will become enhanced by the way you are feeling about it.  Remember, the universe has zero bias, so there is no good or bad, there is just energy of creation.

When you start to not only use your spiritual eyes, that light infused place called our third eye, it changes everything.  It changes what you see, how you see it and what it all means to you emotionally.  In this way, you see the truth of the greater reality and the distortion of the illusion falls away.

It is no mistake then, that our ears, our ability to hear beyond the illusion is on the left and right side of the 90 degree angels of our incoming vision.  Giving voice to what we are seeing.  Some use their ego voice to interpret the life around them, others use their spiritual voice to see and understand the greater reality.  No matter which one we use, it’s all creating your very next moment.

I am going to snag some technical info from wikipedia about the visual cortex, because that is the very area creating our ongoing reality:

The visual cortex of the brain is the part of the cerebral cortex responsible for processing visual information.   …Both hemispheres of a brain contain a visual cortex; the left hemisphere visual cortex receives signals from the right visual field, and the right visual cortex from the left visual field.

Lets break this down into my language (smile) the right eye takes in the energy of the full spectrum of spiritual life processes it and in turn, releases it out the left (physical life side) eye as what you see and experience as created reality.  This is my world 24/7.

Then there are those who taking what they see thru their left eye (physical reality) and using the energy of their right eye, that spiritual power, to keep creating more of the illusion that they see.

I was standing at my front door a few mornings ago, just taking in the cloud formation out there, looking at the spectacular formation coming out of the light, which so was in sync with what we were seeing in the field and writing about.  As I was admiring the energy I heard “what, you’re not going to take my picture??”  Actually, no, I wasn’t.  I got my camera and took a few shots and shared one on my facebook:

emergance of light

As I was writing the caption for it, by the spirit of the clouds themselves I heard:  “Emerging from the light as the body of light.”  This is the very process we are in now.   Imagine my surprise when a beautiful soul simply seen “chemtrails” and stated it as such.  My heart sank a little bit, but even tho that cloud formation was long gone from our skies, its presence was still here.  I heard it say, “I am a part of ALL things and will use all things to create bigger messages to you.”

Now I am going to tie this simplistic understanding into some of the readings I had seen yesterday.  There is definitely a divide underway.  The way spirit is showing it thru the readings is kinda funny.  I can see your form of Light and the energy trail taking you into the “full spectrum of 2015 energy” (that is how spirit is now referring to the year of 2015.)  Your forms are so unique and radiating with light to create the imagery I see.  Others however, odd really.  Every one was the same, in one of the conversations we were talking about the contrast of going over the cliff at the end of this year, or having such a clear vibration within your DNA that you vibrate into the full spectrum of 2015.  I seen tons of people in cars, each looking very much like this:

weebles car


Except, there was no color, no real defining contrast, everything was gray, the wheels, the car, the bodies, all the same monotone gray, just puttering along and then falling off the cliff that is December 31st, 2014.

I did everything I knew how to see where they heck they were going, my team stopped my vision as they went over the cliff.  Then I had to wonder, why are they using an image like a toy car and a toy body.  Again, the illusion is not real, even tho many think it is.  For us witnessing it all (that does not mean getting all caught up in it) to remember, its not real and they need their experience to peal the illusion back to experience what is real.

Our job is to keep our visual cortex trained to the living world of spirit made manifest in created reality.  We are the creators creating, first in our own personal worlds of living, then outwards and TOGETHER!!

This is an energy, a reality you cannot fake.  It’s an emotional participation with life, ALL OF LIFE.  “Knowing” something does not always translate into how you feel about something when it arrives in your world to experience.

Knowledge is the seed of wisdom, living it is turning the seed into food for all life thru you.

There is so much more to all of this, yet, words are failing me.  Hopefully this is enough for now to help you SEE beyond the illusion and start fully living from the eye of spirit!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of, well, everything god thing imaginable and unimaginable to ALL!!!

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