Méline Portia Lafont – Solstice Transmission – Freedom And Heart Expansion – 21 December 2014

Greetngs to everyone,

Welcome to this momentum of the Solstice Portal December 2014.  We enter the New and the Gateways of New creations and possibilities.  These possibilities are to step into Mastery and delivery, as to where you deliver your heart desires and creations. You deliver THAT which you ARE.  As you step into a deeper level of profound communication with your MultiDimensional facets.  You will enter a journey of Multiple Timelines as to where it is your desire that will lead you to those timelines where you wish to be upon.  It is a deeper communication with your Galactic nature, with your Solar Template and your Galactic Template.  2015 will be the start of a deeper merging and experience of these Solar and Galactic Templates as to where you are able to deliver THAT which you ARE.


As potentials arise for you in the dawn of 2015, it is to actualize Light Body Templates and Light cities. It is to actualize the Christed Light into the Collective grid and it is the change into the New Dimensional way of BEing and the experience of MultiDimensional realities.

In this NOW moment during the Gateway of the winter Solstice of 2014, we amplify the energies of actualizations of that which is to come in 2015.  This Gateway functions as a start signal which ignites projects all over the Globe.  It ignites the changes in those whom are asleep, it ignites the awarness in those whom have just woken up and it ignites the abilities of those whom have been awake for so long.

… continue listening on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWnkVE4lpY0

Music during channeled transmission: Michael Hammer


Second part:

Solstice energies ~ Freedom and expansion of the heart

Voice chanting: Méline Lafont


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