BBC World Service Needs More Funds To Compete With RT – Former Chief – 22 December 2014

RT logoThe BBC World Service is “financially outgunned” and losing ground to Russia’s RT, warns the service’s ex-chief. The UK and US may be ceding their dominant position to the “Kremlin propaganda” mouthpiece with a global audience of 700 million, he said.

Peter Horrocks, who stepped down as the top executive of the BBC global news operations earlier this month, told the Guardian that Britain should consider allocating extra funding to counter the growing influence of Russia’s global TV news channel RT.

“Medium- to long-term there has to be an anxiety about the spending of others compared to what the BBC are putting into it,” Horrocks said. “You can take a view of the overall national interest and things we spend on international influence, like military spending. When you look at that it would take it in a certain direction.”

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