Lucas – All Is Moving Forward – Regardless – 22 December 2014

Logo Lucas_square_wordsTime is a wondrous and difficult concept to get rid of in learning to be in the NOW. Time is lost or time is felt to be moving faster or slower, memories are fading of things we need to let go off. We have troubles connecting to that what is  of interest in the NOW.

Things still are moving forward. It is though a sequential  time experience.  If energetic pieces of the puzzle of sequences are put in place, time concepts can get lost, flashes of being in other times or dimensions or even fast forward feelings  can be experienced.

It is though all just part of the changes we and our universe of continuous change are going through.  The momentum of utter balance of our duality concept is in reach for all of us. The flow of all that is connected to source and all that is source also is bringing a new creational field for all to explore.

The seemingly on the outside of all played out chaos is just the meticulous search for equilibrium.  More of you all are being aware of the push and pull effects on all sorts of levels. Some feel it more subtle and some more deeper or heavier. The center is neutral and is the space where we will find peace and  be non-judgement. It brings all to connect to the heart, source and the flow.

As if puzzle pieces rain into the exact right places to connect and form the new this flow will bring creation of the new forth. There is no past and future only now. We learn to see all is here and now available in all levels. Things still are earmarked wrong or right or in some dualistic spoken and written language based to disappear eventually.

Our senses are heightened or given glimpses of how we can communicate on other levels from the heart. Communication will have or get new dimensional qualities. We sense and feel and see what is meant in other ways. A conglomerate of things come together, sense, vision, smell, emotion, colors, sound and light. All is frequency that communicates without all the current communication and language problems.

There is no thinking outside boxes. There are no boxes to think out off or to be in. All is just perception! All is available in this moment.  Even contradictions will fade as humans will see that loosing is also gaining and the middle is the balance.  We all are just individual parts of source and in working together as those parts we are one. We need no leaders, teachers, gurus and masters.

The rightful place of all of you is being your individual source connected to all that is. Whatever phase or state or label you are still giving each other. Be!  See we are all here together to transform this world and our selves.  You all are the keys to your own knowledge within. We are the ones we have been waiting for. That is all you need to know. Be the difference in being your own example.

Source, the world and universe is waiting for your transition from that beautiful caterpillar into that equally beautiful butterfly. It is a process. You still as humans have to do it yourself, spin that cocoon of change and transit into the new. It is not easy and sometimes the work is disrupted or temporary stopped but you will finish and all together we will fly out into the skies toward the new.

This years ending is also a new beginning. Do not make empty promises and have lots of expectations but do what your heart tells is right to do and be. We need to evolve from mind/brain based back into sense and heart based humans.  We are succeeding step by step to make this planet again one of unconditional love.  Use these last bits of this year as your kick start into the new you.


Much Love and Light,


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