Sophia Love – December 22nd Update – 22 December 2014

SophiaLoveNewGood Day Sophia and Everyone and Happy Solstice!

In cosmological understanding the cycle after Solstice which on this Solar Cycle of 2014 is 21 december can be called “a New Year”! From this moment Earth’s cycles in northern hemisphere will start becoming longer and longer and in southern shorter and shorter.

I wasn’t available for some time and I have to warn that You have to be ready if I “disappear” out of a sudden, we have a lot of work to do in restoring this World, so GEs aren’t fixed in one place.

First situation around the Globe. The Shift is taking place, everything is like it was before – good (could have been better), nothing new to say. All illuminati are doing are keeping low and simply keep barking at Russia and BRICS, fortunately they are afraid to make false flags, because as soon as they would make one, this would be their ultimate downfall. Everyone around the World are “at the edge” and if something bad or nasty would take place “again” the responsibles will be seen in Bright Light!


I will post Your information Good Friend

“Hello Sophia – once again I send you text over a noemal email rather than over the comments window for GE and the interest in general of your readers as to what is still going on – the items that are appearing on various sites may or may not be conjectures or psyops/disinfo….but ….there is a lot going on when the sum iof it is put together that forms a picture that tells a story…
Here is the comment from Jim Stone…as always I send love and positive thoughts….

Congress has voted nearly unanimously to go to war against the “Islamic state” and to give Ukraine American weapons to use against Russia. Both bad moves. Supporting aggression against Russia is an act of war against Russia. Bad move. And how do you go to war with many countries at the same time? By having the CIA/Mossad create a fake “Islamic state” that exists within whatever countries you want to destroy, and then bombing those countries into oblivion without ever declaring war on them.A new form of fraudWho would have thought? fight a war on sovereign territory against a fictitious enemy that never attacked you directly, and do the people you really want to destroy a favor by doing so! But in the process, you will get Isis, right? Might take years, RIGHT? Enough to reduce the nation you really want destroyed to rubble, RIGHT? After all, it can last as long as you want when you are fighting fiction to begin with. Just keep telling the story . . . . . .At any rate, both Ukraine/Russia and the Arab world are officially on the table now as war targets. We all knew for years the Arab world was toast because we have all seen it happen repeatedly, but Russia? what is Congress thinking?

I may have spoken out about Russia not being too innocent in the past, but remember that I also said that Russia may have changed, with those who scammed Russia with Bolshevik Communism leaving Russia after the “fall”. And there is at least one ancedotal bit of info to support the possibility that Russia may not be playing a game about it all –

People may not know this broadly, but right after Russia fell, all the gold antiquities from the former Czars which were held intact by the communists came into the U.S. via San Francisco, where they sat for a year or two and then got melted down into bars. It was an astonishing rape of Russia. It was not just one or two crowns, it was tons and tons of gold in the form of royal antiquities from past centuries. MELTED DOWN IN AMERICA. How did that happen if Russia really had the same people in charge that were there during the cold war? Obviously the Bolshevik scammers came to America and did to Russia in America what they could not get away with doing while in Russia.

Considering what became of America since Russia fell, it all goes to show that it is highly probable that the filthy cold war era Russian cronies found a new home in America. America is now acting exactly the same way in both foreign and domestic affairs that Russia did with them in charge.

Is Russia now a new frontier that has been freed of parasites? Do not bet on it, but I would at least hope”

You are right Good Friend, Russia was a victim of illuminati/cabal. Communism was their experimental ideology, the bill passed by Congress is just another form of barking, they are afraid of doing more than that, because the World is unhappy with them and the World now can see almost clearly what they really represent. Not the People, but their dark evil agenda of World domination.


“This has been published today.  Thoughts?

and this…

Update on Aisha North describes the Etheric Transition of this Shift. This Shift is changing whole World, in the way it is described there. Everything what is happening now is something that have to be completed somehow in a very short time. Some our hidden things which we didn’t want to talk about before and unfortunately Ukraine and “islamic state” are one of those things. Good Friend Aisha North described it very well.

About “amnesty”, what we know is that the “dark doers” will never be forgiven and granted amnesty for their many atrocious doings simply like it is said there. Only if they will publicly apologise for this and do this not like “oops sorry”, but from their heart.
And some of them cannot be forgiven, as some are responsible for destruction of millions and billions of individuals, both Humans and Animals. We have seen how enjoyable it was for them to make these many crimes, being remained unpunishable after doing so much evil? This ruins the very basis of Law of One, of Law of Universal Energy Circulation and this is simply unfair. I doubt that those who suffered from hands of these evil doers would be happy to hear that the ones that killed them in one of their incarnations simply got away with their atrocious deeds and keep on doing same things to others. True, Some Souls agree with such fate, but Most do not. The dark energy they put to use when made those crimes, MUST return back to them so is the Law of Universe. So the backlash will be huge on them, whether “dark” and “Light” like it or not.

Essentially Good Side – Light is making all kinds of Forgiveness, of Love and Friendship, yet sometime it leads to unfairness and making more evil (dark) like You can see in this great example. On the other hand evil side – dark is making things opposite to Light – hatred, destruction, injustice, unfairness and dark almost never leads itself to something of Light. This is how Universe was programmed by One and this is why Forces of One exist, to not give into neither Light or dark and see things and take them for what they are.


“Hi Good Friend and all. If my understanding is correct the financial collapse has begun like you predicted it. The MSM is pointing on russia’s financial trouble , provoked by the western sanctions, speculation attacks on the ruble and the fall of oil price, to divert from much worse situation in the western financial system. The fall of oil price is mirroring the financial health of the west and have a big impact in the trillions of derivatives the western banks.
Please correct me if i am wrong,Good Friend.”

Hi Good Friend. Not yet, but all these “sanction policies” is a catalyst for this downfall, which is imminent. Most probably it will happen in the beginning of cycle 2015, unless they would make another “false flag operation” to blame Russia for it. 

Russia is having troubles, but they are small in comparison to ones cabal is having like you pointed out correctly. The fall of oil prices is as well artificially orchestrated and created by U.S. government to damage BRICS, Iran, Argentina and Venezuela and among them mainly Russia of course, which they see as their “main foe” since the very foundation of USA.

 But all these sanctions are damaging cabal as well, you can call cabal here as suicide bomber with a time bomb already turned on, trying to get into bus (BRICS) to make huge damage there, yet he is being restricted access to it (through policy of Peace and Understanding performed by BRICS). So eventually time runs out and the bus remains damaged a bit as bomber was close to it, but everyone inside are safe and sound, yet suicide bomber is no more. This is harsh example, but it very well describes situation we have right now.


“Hello…as always with love and respect….your last comment began:-
“Everything is more or less well around the World for now. Lot of good changes are taking place on daily basis”
That was 30 november and by the 1 December japan has returned Abe as prime minister….

According to Fulford who apparently knows more about these things, Abe was going to be dumped from being the puppet of US zionism….well hes back in there again and that means bad news because things did not change for the better and they will stay as they are or worse….seems like the zios and neonazis are consolidating rather than disintegrating….I think Japan was a key issue in the face of BRICS and the Ukraine to remove US dominance in those areas. Its all a very complicated simple story I know but judging from world events, people seem to be so thoroughly distracted that the “dark side” is moving with impunity – Spain has just made a law that effectively prohibits the people to demonstrate…Spain is under big US influence as well as Agenda 21 based european unity also known as one government, one money and one world control prinipaslly through the Rothschild finance dominance….

On top of which – the spanish government is pushing marine oil exploration and fracking despite massive public disaccord. The marine environment will continue to be terribly damaged…esterior forces need to engage more effectively to cause “natural perturbances to damage the entities carrying out the deep water drilling as well as debilitating occurences to politicians involved at the top.

There has to be limits to everything even when it may interfere with free will….

what say you.

Thankyou and positive energy.”

Do not be afraid Good Friend Nigel,

 Japan and Spain for instance will not play a crucial role of this illuminati system collapse, they lay tightly under illuminati/cabal. On the other hand, BRICS will play the most important role in this, it is the main character now and right now they are moving away from petrodollar (main supporting column of this evil cabal system). 
As well they use Peace and Understanding in opposition to many provocations which cabal are throwing at them. Right now it is time that is not on the side of illuminati/cabal. And thus the longer they wait, the less options they have. 
BUT along with it, their downfall is imminent and any nasty evil thing they would make to change it, will result in a much more faster downfall! 
So they are caught in a deadlock, You can thank One, Sage Star A, Sun, Earth-Gaia-Terra, whole Cosmo, Followers of Light and Yourself – Lightworkers, it is with these United Efforts We All Together, United have caught them in this completely surrendered situation!

Much Positive Energy to You as well!


“Hi GE, we are really grateful for any news. Even though the Challenger/Chernobyl events
delivered the message, it seems like a harsh result for the people on the Challenger and
for the people in and around Chernobyl.”

Yes, unfortunately it is, but at that old time, no other thing would be made as “a warning”. Unfortunately “invisible warning” must be made of destruction if nothing else works.
Simple words and signs were already given before that and not worked.


“What happens to the people on earth when August 2016 comes?
and if the experiment ends. Do we still live or die?”

August 2016 will be the time when demiurge must cease Humanity’s experiment, if this demand will not be met and demiurge would continue on, this being will be punished for this by Forces of One.

For Humans though, it will depend on how Humanity will be ready for Grand Changes to start. If Everyone will be ready then what You wanted – Complete Freedom – will be granted, at first it would seem hard when Changes will start, later though fruits of this will abundantly reward Every Living Being here on Earth – Humans, Animals, Plants and Nature.

All this Grand Process already started since cycle of Revelation of 2012. The start of fall of system of cabal will start from finances, so Everyone should be ready for this, be ready for some banks going bankrupt and prices skyrocketing. This is the most hardest point – the Beginning.

On question about “do we still live or die”, depends on Your Very Own decision. I am sure to say Everyone wants to live, so Yes, Everyone will live!


“Hi Sofia and GE,
I have heard from different sources that the planet Nibiru will
be coming close to earth by late in 2015 or by 2016 and will
cause flooding world wide. Do you know if this is true? Would
any help come to save earth.”

Yes, this is a popular theory. What we know is that no Good Friend, there isn’t any Planet that size that can cause destruction of Earth here in Solar System. It is said that Nibiru is having very long orbit that comes close to Earth in some moment, but there is none such planet. 

The only thing that can fit here are huge spherical ships of Followers of Light, they have the size of Planets and yes they can cause floods, they also have weaponry to destroy planets and other big ships, yet don’t worry, they have a very strict policy on use of such weaponry and as well their huge immense gravity is being hold by special anti-gravity devices which absorbs gravity and makes this ship almost ethereal. You can say “it weighs like a feather”. 
And yes of course, there would be help if this Planet would be endangered by such cataclysms.

“Hi GE and Sophia,

What is your take on this alleged NASA whistle blower claiming that the earth is not round
and that in fact it’s flat? He also says he has made graphic renderings of the EARTH how
“they” want to present it but that this actually is a total distortion as almost
everything else..!
He’s arguments makes lot of sense particularly about the sky and the Sun being nothing
like what we’ve been taught!

Hugs Ollie”

Well Good Friend, we can say that this is not truth, because I for instance saw other Worlds and other Stars, they all are spherical. The flat Worlds tough can be made artificially, I am pretty sure this World is spherical and not artificial. But as always believe in what You think is right.

Many Hugs!

“I have found a totally fascinating article here on the news page which I hope you will read and transmit to GE…it seems that there could be more to this story than just an archaeological discovery…here is the link:-

This is a vast number of  mummy/semi cadavers in one place which suggests an intense activity at some period in time…Egypt being of great significance to the great dynamic of our existence.

As always much love and positive energy”

Great discovery Good Friend! I feel sorry for some young People that died back then not able to experience Life…
Much Love and Positive Energy to You as well!


“Hi Good Friend, you never spoke about the breakaway civilization the cabal and apparently
the russians and china have , although you gave some hints.I know why they dont share
their advanced technology with us but what i dont understand is why the US can’t win a war
against a third world country with all this aviable technology ?Are they not allowed to
use it on earth?”

I am not sure which ones You mean. We know that there are underground People living separately from Humanity, but They have completely different experience, as well we know of some People that were taken from Earth and are now living within some other Civilizations. Some were taken for experiments to making hybrids.

When talking about U.S. government or Everyone Else living here, They are allowed to possess highly developed technologies only if They develop these Themselves.

There are exclusions though, like that contract between “greys” and U.S. government. The technologies of greys are not well developed and they didn’t want to give all their best technologies to Humans for nothing.

Also sometime some Individuals here can be granted superior technologies to perform some task on order of either Galactic Federation of Light or Forces of One. True though that reptilians don’t listen to anybody and do everything how it is more “profitable” to them. But the main fact about their “help” remains the same, they always “use” others.

Greys are not that off like reptilians are, at least greys have some “humane behavior” within them, that is why they listened to Galactic Federation of Light and ceased their experiments and abolished their contract. Reptilians run away, because they no longer see profit here and see only losses, as well order “from above” was given to leave this Planet (this order was given by demiurge).


Also we have some new additions to alternative Energy Technologies

This is not a very wise one, but it shows that there are always alternative routes for making Your car to run, and it also shows that People are not sleeping but looking for ways to make better World!

Then improved Solar Energy Panels, 46% energy conversion is not bad, but also far from being complete. Forces of One for example are having Solar Panels that are converting more than ~8000% of Solar Energy. You understand that this is much much more than Star can give, in fact these Solar Panels produce much more Energy than they receive! Some secret technologies can even do more than that, so this is the way in which Humanity should concentrate Their Efforts, because this is more than possible!

Also Good Friend D’ spoke about Crystal Batteries, which is astounding another alternative – self recharging batteries!


Also some of the best music of new Thomas Bergersen’s album called Sun for Your Enjoyment! As I know this work took almost 4 cycles to be accomplished, a big work and can be felt in this music!

Our Destiny


Empire of Angels

Two Hearts

Always Mine

Colors of Love

And New Life

If I wouldn’t be available, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Everyone!
Even if we (or You) don’t accept such Celebrations we are gladly joining the Celebration of Humanity and Outstanding Energy Spike!

Let there be Peace, Love and Prosperity among All. link to original article

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