Wes Annac – The Spiritualist Chronicles: Heaven Is Real, But It’s Not What You Expect – Part 2/3 – 22 December 2014

wesannac2Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Continued from Part 1

The unnamed spirit teacher affirms that only a few people decide to sustain the illusory heaven.

“Q: What happens to those souls that die and expect pearly gates and St. Peter?

“A: We keep them asleep until such time as they are ready to understand. Usually by the time their funeral is set up, they are cognizant that there are no pearly gates and that there is no need for it to be that way for they would not be at home in that kind of environment.

“If they choose later on, however, to build their golden streets and their pearly gates, they may create this within their minds; however, you will find very few do. They are more at home in their own natural surroundings.” (1)

I want to mention again that even though the afterlife isn’t the heaven most religious people expect, it’s still heavenly and blissful. It’s still comprised of a purer vibration than we’re used to on earth, but most of its features are different from what we’ve been told we’ll experience when we pass on.

I’m sure it’s initially hard for some people to realize that beyond their natural connection with Source, which we can all maintain, they aren’t much closer to God in terms of actual dimensional distance when they reach the afterlife.

They’ll still need to do a lot of inner work and explore the countless dimensions that lay between them and Source, and along with an absence of gold-lined streets, there is no bearded man who sits on a throne in the fourth dimension.

One of the most difficult concepts for a lot of religious people to come to terms with will probably be that God isn’t a man in the sky – he/she is the Source of all creation who exists beyond any lower or higher dimension.

It’s very possible to communicate with Source, but in terms of actually being with him/her, we all still have a lot of work to do and a lot of higher dimensions to explore.

A.D. Mattson tells us about her initial vision of the pearly gates and St. Peter, which she was told her expectations manifested.

“Then I had this magnificent, wonderful vision. There were the gates.

“I had always envisioned that the entrance to my paradise would be through these magnificent gates. They’re gates of life – of light. They’re living gates. They’re moving all the time. They’re not wrought iron or stone or wood. There was this beautiful gate opening and there were all of my family coming backward and forward to greet me.”

“I said, ‘Do you always have to go through gates like that?’ And they said, ‘No, this is because this is what you have always thought and will have what you have imagined. You built this. This is yours – the gateway – your entrance of light. You can have St. Peter if you like.’

“At that I had a little chuckle. I really didn’t mind whether I had St. Peter or not. I said I could perhaps do without St. Peter. But then, as I turned my head slightly and looked, I saw a figure I knew was St. Peter. I said, ‘I’m coming. I’m coming.’ He said, ‘Take your time, take your time. There’s all the time in the world.’” (2)

Most people don’t know that we constantly create our reality – in the lower and higher realms.

Whatever we expect or envision, we’ll create. I’d imagine this is especially true in the fourth dimension, which has been called the ‘mental plane’ because the mind and heart are the primary embodiments of consciousness and instruments of expression there.

There’s no physical body in the fourth dimension – there are only the mental, emotional and etheric bodies. Because of this (and because of the higher vibration that permeates it), our creations are more potent and manifest quicker. If we expect to see something, we’ll instantly create it.

Our conscious/subconscious thoughts, feelings and expectations create our reality, and our creations are more noticeable in the fourth dimension because they manifest at the drop of a hat. Our creations take longer to manifest here in the third dimension because of its slower, denser vibration, but even here, we constantly create our reality without realizing it.

A.D. Mattson then affirms the things we’ve learned so far.

“We tend to feel that, when we die, heaven is as we thought it – and it certainly is. As I’ve said, you can be received in exactly the same way you always thought you would be received. You may remain in that narrowness if you want – you need never change unless you wish. God gives us perfect freedom in spirit.” (3)

According to John Heslop, things like pearly gates do exist in the higher planes, but they only exist in the first planes we go to if someone creates them.

“Here you see the inner heart of that upon which you gaze, the wonderful purity of each object which irradiates the exterior. The walls which surround this sphere are composed of what you would describe as precious stones, and the Golden Gates are set with great Pearls.” (4)

Jim McLean tells us that he initially created a blissful heaven for himself, but he quickly realized that that reality was too assumptive because he hadn’t done the inner work that’s necessary to attain it.

“Each of us, while yet on earth, if we are disposed to give the matter consideration, builds up a complicated picture of some celestial state, a condition tinged with light and darkness according to our hopes and fears.

“In my own case, I had this vision of an unsubstantial disembodied state of celestial bliss, which I now see was presumptuous, as I had done nothing to earn it.

“It was also a very selfish conception of individual attainment. Divine Mind has conceived of a perfect plan of gradual advancement, a plan that banishes all conceit. Ultimate perfection can only be reached when all selfish desires have been overcome.” (5)

Even though we’re worthy of the love and bliss that comprise the higher realms and we can create them for ourselves if we want, most people who pass on quickly adjust to a more levelheaded understanding.

They realize that they can’t expect to be in heaven until they create heaven from within, and those who are rooted the most in negativity and self-service probably quickly realize they have a lot to do before they can experience heaven. Heaven is a state of mind, no matter what dimension we exist in, and this is why I think we can create it right here on earth.


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