John Ward – Greece: Samaras Misses 2nd Round Vote Target By A Mile…All Eyes On The Final Round – 25 December 2014


The second round of Presidential voting ended yesterday, and the chosen Samaras candidate Stavros Dimas missed by 34 the 200 votes required to put him into the Presidential Palace…and keep the Prime Minister in a job. Significantly, only 13 votes were garnered beyond the ruling Coalition. This was a major snub for the man from Kalamata, who the Sunday before had asked for a “national reconciliation” to carry the Government. Unfortunately for him, most MPs decided the Greeks have been carrying Evangelos Venizelos and 4,800 Brussels sprouts around for five years, and enough is enough.

Antonikis the Thick has just five days to up his bribe offers use his rare powers of persuasion to get 34 more legislators onside. In a superbly cloned Brussels-am-Berlin bit of shitspeak, he told the media this morning, “I hope in the final vote for president we will avert national peril, as snap polls are dangerous”. Poor little olive-stone, bless him: he shares the EC’s muddle on the subject of normal democratic process on the one hand and criminal insanity on the other.

The real issue approaching at enormous speed – which most of the West-European MSM are too pissed or busy shopping to have noticed – is what the Forces of Darkness might decide to do in order to reassure their masters in Mammonia that the People’s representatives shall continue to be ignored. On the surface, most Greek debt is held by official creditors now: but as I have written before, this hasn’t been a question of maths for some time. But with Italy in the hospice, France heading for intensive care, and Frankfurt refusing to donate Get out of Jail Free cards to the ECB, it’s largely about persuading Washington-am-Wall Street that the Corporatists will emerge triumphant in the end.

In such a context, my hunch would be that the Samaras Coalition will fall next Monday…but that there is a better than evens chance that external intervention in Greek affairs will then follow in order to avert elections.

That would represent a terrible mistake. We shall see.

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