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Gunfire Reported At St. Louis Protest In Wake Of Berkeley Police Shooting – 25 December 2014

RT logoA few dozen protesters rallied in front of a gas station in Berkeley, St. Louis on Wednesday night, where another African-American teenager was shot by a police officer. They faced off against a phalanx of officers, and gunfire has been reported.

While the night began peacefully, bursts of violence were reported on social media. Reporters, including RT’s Marina Portnaya, said they heard gunshots. Police have generally cleared the area.

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Body Cameras Reduce Police Use-Of-Force, Citizen Complaints – Study – 25 December 2014

RT logoA recently published experiment using a California police department is the first full scientific study to focus on how body cameras affect interactions between the public and law enforcement officials, researchers say.

The experiment was conducted by the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Criminology (IoC), on the Rialto Police Department in California, where one of the authors, William A. Farrar, is the police chief.

“The study focused specifically on use-of-force and citizens’ complaints, which were hypothesized to be affected by officers wearing cameras, given the possible deterrent effect of the devices on noncompliant behavior,” the authors wrote in their introduction.

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John Ward – Greece: Samaras Misses 2nd Round Vote Target By A Mile…All Eyes On The Final Round – 25 December 2014


The second round of Presidential voting ended yesterday, and the chosen Samaras candidate Stavros Dimas missed by 34 the 200 votes required to put him into the Presidential Palace…and keep the Prime Minister in a job. Significantly, only 13 votes were garnered beyond the ruling Coalition. This was a major snub for the man from Kalamata, who the Sunday before had asked for a “national reconciliation” to carry the Government. Unfortunately for him, most MPs decided the Greeks have been carrying Evangelos Venizelos and 4,800 Brussels sprouts around for five years, and enough is enough. Continue reading

Israel Approves Over 350 New Settlements In Occupied Jerusalem – 25 December 2014

RT logoJerusalem City Council has approved the construction of almost 400 new settlements in two districts of the city and its southern part, including annexed areas situated beyond the Green Line.

“The municipal commission has given construction permits for 307 homes in Ramot and 73 in Har Homa,” Yosef Pepe Alalu, a Jerusalem city councilor, said. The decision, which was made on Wednesday after debates, is final. Construction may start at any time.

READ MORE: Obama admin ‘won’t be around forever’ – Israeli minister on W. Bank settlement stall

The commission also approved the construction of 1,850 homes in Arnona in southern Jerusalem, part of which is situated beyond the so-called Green Line – the demarcation line set out in the 1949 Armistice Agreements between the armies of Israel and those of Arab countries, after the Arab-Israeli war. It is often referred to as the pre-1967 border.

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‘Serious Institutional Homophobia’ In Church Of England, Says Bishop – 25 December 2014

RT logoThe Church of England – Britain’s official state church – has been accused of “serious institutional homophobia” and of having “inertia and ignorance” of same sex couples by one of the UK’s most senior Anglican bishops.

Alan Wilson, the Bishop of Buckingham praised same sex couples for their “considerable courage and determination” to tackle prejudices in the church, including the right to get married.

“In very few years people will wonder what the fuss was all about,” he told the LGBT issues magazine Pink News.

“But for now it’s a path that calls for considerable courage and determination. So please spare a thought this Christmas for them.”

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John Ward – Parliamo Lyla: The Infant Sector Perspective On Global Reality – 25 December 2014

row-row-row-row-row-row-row-eam: Row row row the boat gently down the stream

bibee: baby

aa-oo: thank you

lalest: I shall take my breakfast now

eeez: please

lalest eeez: never heard as yet, but we’re working on it

eepee: time for bed, I think

What a fine thing grandchildren are. And how marvelous to have the option of handing them back. Still, if nothing else they do root one’s feet firmly back to the ground. And it is very, very nice to wake up to patient Dad dealing with naughty Lyla downstairs in the kitchen. Uh-ooh. Continue reading

U-Quip? UKIP Millionaire Donor Funds Website Lampooning Westminster Parties – 25 December 2014

RT logoA donor known to have given £1 million to the UK Independence Party (UKIP) is alleged to be the backer of a website whose sole purpose is to produce slanderous material against Westminster’s three main parties, Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrat.

Entrepreneur Arron Banks, who founded the website GoSkippy.com, is believed to have both registered and funded the website LibLabCon. Party sources told the Financial Times that while he funds the project, he does not write articles for the site.

LibLabCon.com, writes satirical news articles and claims to operate on a non-partisan basis.

For too long now, the political elite have had their heads buried in the sand and take the people for granted. We aren’t right-wing, left-wing or any-wing … We treat all politicians with equal contempt,” the banner on the homepage reads.

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