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Steve Lendman – G-77 Countries+China Rebuke America – 26 December 2014

StevelendmanThe Group of 77 (G-77 countries) at the UN was established on June 15, 1964. Its ranks now include 134 countries.

“(T)he original name was retained due to its historical significance,” it said. It calls itself the UN’s “largest intergovernmental organization of developing countries.”

“(A)rticulating and promote their collective economic interests and enhance their joint negotiating capacity on all major international economic issues within the United Nations system, and promote South-South cooperation for development.”

In early December, Congress passed “S. 2142: Venezuela Defense of Human Rights and Civil Society Act of 2014.” Continue reading

Anti-Homeless Cages Installed Around Benches In French City On Christmas Eve – 26 December 2014

RT logoThe right-wing city council of Angouleme in southwest France has come under fire for banishing homeless people from its city center, after it installed cages that completely cover benches used by local hobos.

The municipal deputy responsible for security, Joel Guitton, told AFP that the benches were “almost exclusively used by people who consume alcohol on a regular basis,” and claimed the decision was taken in concert with local traders, who complained that threatening behavior was driving away customers.

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Judge Allows Evicted RBS ‘Love Activists’ In London To Serve Homeless Xmas Dinner – 26 December 2014

RT logoA judge has ordered the so-called ‘Love Activists’ squatters, recently evicted from a former RBS building in London, should be allowed back in to carry out their plan of serving Christmas dinners to the homeless.

The activists took over the building on the corner of St Martin’s Lane and Charring Cross Road on December 20, where the group was intent on creating a “safe space” for those without homes at Christmas.

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John Ward – Christmas Day In The Workhouse, 2029 – 26 December 2014

at the postscript to reform:

the occupants all huddled round

the telly to keep warm. Continue reading

‘Children Are Victims Of Violence, Trade And Trafficking,’ Pope Says in Xmas Message – 26 December 2014

RT logo(Lucas : forgetting to mention the child sex abuse  and abuse in institutes and homes and schools run by the church!)

Children continue to be victims of violence, trade and abuse across the world, a fact bringing “so many tears” this Christmas, Pope Francis said in his Christmas message. He specifically decried the Pakistan massacre in which mostly children died.

READ MORE: ‘God stronger than darkness & corruption’: Pope delivers Christmas message

“May Jesus save the vast numbers of children who are victims of violence, made objects of trade and trafficking, or forced to become soldiers: children, so many abused children,” Pope Francis said in the pontiff’s traditional Christmas Day blessing called ‘Urbi et Orbi’ (to the city and the world) in St. Peter’s Square.
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Anti-Driving-Ban Activists In Saudi Arabia ‘To Face Terrorism Tribunal’ – 26 December 2014

RT logoTwo women’s rights campaigners detained in Saudi Arabia will face a tribunal on charges of “terrorism”, following their campaigning activities, which led to one being arrested for trying to drive over the border from the UAE.

According to the activists who spoke to AFP, the ruling was issued in the city of Al-Ahsa, in the Eastern Province.

The initial attempt to cross the border, carried out by Loujain Hathloul, 25, was designed as a statement of sorts, while the other woman, a journalist from the United Arab Emirates, appeared at the scene later to show support, before also being arrested. They have now been in detention for nearly a month.

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ZeroHedge – Russia, China, Or America? “An Oppressed People Ruled By Others For Others” – 26 December 2014

ZeroHedgeSubmitted by Thad Beversdorf via First Rebuttal blog,

“I’ve long thought that he has pursued a pre-World War Two course which could only end badly – a course in which his power is maximized by crushing internal opponents, expanding empire and using the military to frighten neighboring countries into submission.”, writes John Lloyd of Reuters.  I read this excerpt from his recent article and thought finally someone in mainstream media is honestly discussing the foreign policy of America, just to eventually find out he is actually talking about Putin.  However, Lloyd does go on to imply American foreign policy can be described much the same way.

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