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Bill Ballard – Saying Bye Bye To 2014 And Hello To 2015 ~Happy New Year – 28 December 2014

Uploaded on 28 December 2014 by pearls2u Happy HolyDays Peeps! This video is a look back at 2014 and my feelings about what 2015 will be about for the 1st and 2nd waves of Ascension

Fran Zepeda – Lady Master Pallas Athena: Feel as if One with it All – 28 December 2014

 Lady Master Pallas Athena:

Hello, Dear Ones. It is I, Pallas Athena, infiltrating your very Being with Love and infinite completeness and wholeness, a wisp of Creator’s energy in every cell of your Being expanding at will with each breath of Love that you take.

Take a step with me now into the unknown and receive the sweet soft energy of Creator’s Infinite Love. Integrate it now into your very Being and get used to living within it as it is within you ever more securely as you integrate all your aspects into your unfathomable Beingness.

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Starself.com – Rick DiClemente – Volume 109, January, 2015 – Preview Of 2015 – 28 December 2014

rick2Rick DiClemente

Volume 109, January, 2015

Preview of 2015

In essence, 2015 will largely be similar to 2014. What is meant by that is that Pluto will continue through Capricorn, still in square formation to Uranus, in effect, for all of 2015. Neptune and Chiron continue to slowly separate as they still will inhabit Pisces. Saturn provides us with the big change, having left Scorpio behind for Sagittarius. The ace in the hole will be Jupiter traveling largely across the zodiac from the others, forming a “bucket handle”, all year long in the signs of Leo and Virgo. Continue reading

Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Your Natural Energy Cycle – 28 December 2014

LarryLarsonDecember 28, 2014

Each of you are beings of light. You are, each of you, a collective—a cooperative of vibrational light energy beings. Each cell in your body, every molecule, is an extension of Source. That physical body that you carry around with you is a thin…we must search for the words here…your body is a thin section of who you are. Like a picture is a flat representation of your image, your body is a flat representation of your multidimensional being. And you will begin to experience greater connection with your broader self and with Source when you treat yourself as an energy being first, and a physical being second. That is the order in which all things proceed. Continue reading

Wes Annac – Who Is Ra? – Part 18: Fourth And Fifth Density – 1/2 – 28 December 2014

wesannac2Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

We’ve probably talked a little about fourth and fifth density so far, but here, Ra will share more information about them and their conditions. As we’ll learn, fourth density entities choose to stay invisible to human eyes, and this is partially because we wouldn’t be able to handle seeing them.

It’d definitely shatter some paradigms if we suddenly witnessed fourth density and its various life forms, and we have to gradually adjust to a higher state of consciousness before we can perceive it. We aren’t given anything we can’t handle, and if we’ve learned anything so far, it’s that our evolution entails a gradual progression through the densities. Continue reading

WakingTimes – The Magic Of The Fibonacci Sequence – 28 December 2014

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1Waking Times

Video – Math is logical, functional and just … awesome. Mathemagician Arthur Benjamin explores hidden properties of that weird and wonderful set of numbers, the Fibonacci sequence. (And reminds you that mathematics can be inspiring, too!)

Read the full story at: www.rt.com / link to original article

Keiser Report: De-Fiatisation Of The World – 28 December 2014

Uploaded on 27 December 2o14 by RT

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Steve Lendman – Follow-Up Open Letter To New York Times Editors – 28 December 2014

StevelendmanA January 2013 open letter to New York Times editors was this writer’s most widely ever read article.

Touching a raw nerve. Showing increasing numbers of people fed up with managed news misinformation rubbish.

Wanting what Times and other MSM scoundrels don’t deliver. Real news, information and analysis.

On issues mattering most. Domestic and geopolitical. Things affecting ordinary people’s lives and welfare directly. At the most perilous time in world history.

Out-of-control US policies make global war possible. Madness if happens. The role of the media is to inform. Fully and accurately.

Telling people what they need to know. Especially on issues mattering most. What’s more important than war and peace?

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Wes Annac – Oversoul Teachings: Be Willing And Excited – 28 December 2014

wesannac2Always be willing and excited to embrace your creativity and the spirituality that lies within it, for these things will help you find the salvation so many of you seek.

You can create and spread a higher vibration from right on the surface of your beautiful, evolving planet, and all you have to do is embrace the things that are leading you to expand your greater perception and help others do the same.

When you’re willing to stay as open and receptive to the ‘voice’ of spirit as you can, you’ll find it much easier to use this voice to sharpen and enhance the works you present to the rest of the conscious community. Continue reading

TheCrowhouse – Max Igan – Freedom Or Fascism – The Choice Is Yours – 28 December 2014

Uploaded on 26 December 2014 by thecrowhouse Max Igan – Surviving the Matrix – Season 3 – Episode 10 To download, please visit: http://thecrowhouse.com/radio.html or to stream directly, please visit: http://thecrowhouse.com/dl/MaxIgan_Fr…

When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty and there is nothing to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader” – Plato