AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Feel-Know-Embody The Frequency Of Who You Are – 29 December 2014

eileenmeyerBelow is another “Sound of Gold” audio transmission from 12/29/13. This particular one is part of a documentary in the works. Although I am only sharing audio at this time, it demonstrates the transition into the communion state, message translation, and then back to my ending perceptions about what I just experienced.

An excerpt of my perceptions at the end: “I see lots of pictures when I’m in this connecting state – feelings and pictures. It feels so simple when they share it, and I know it probably sounds oversimplified to you too, and I believe it’s because it is simple… there’s this over-focus on the mind and the intellect, categorizing things, putting everything in its proper place. All the shame around not fitting in, around being a non-comformist. You have to be willing to face that – head on, stand in it… But you know, how you transcend that is to know who you are. You just know, and you radiate who you are. And understand that I cannot stress this enough, that isn’t just a new age statement. It’s a real thing to face your fears. And that’s what they showed me over and over. You say you want to be who you are, or whatever your statement is of expansion… okay, here you go! And you get to feel what love actually feels like – not some idea, some romantic thing between lovers. That’s all good and fine… not judging that. But I’m talking about Universal Love. Get ready. Get ready… Just get through whatever fear is plowing through your body and consciousness and come out the other side. And not that its ever over… There’s always layers and layers and new, unexpected fears, “Oh , I didn’t know I was afraid of that!” But anyway, then you get to feel joy, real joy… not temporary joy, eternal joy, eternal strength, eternal love. I want everyone to feel it. I knew the instant that I broke through and felt that, I knew that this was going to be my life’s work. Somehow, someway. I wanted to help every human being recall this and be it. So that’s why I’m putting myself out here now. What’s different about this moment than before is I’m not going to try and make it palatable or pretty or fit into convenient descriptions, or comfortable descriptions. It isn’t a religion. It isn’t a dogma. It’s your direct connection to Source. How about that? No more distractions. Good guys, bad guys – none of that anymore. You take full responsibility. You meet your Maker – whatever way that you decide is right for you. But the important thing is, is it’s time now. There is no future time for this to happen. I think that’s the message I’m trying to get out more right now than ever. Because every time that we think that something is going to happen next week on such and such a date because these astrological alignments or some psychic said it’s going to. No. It’s all right here right now in the intersection. Don’t wait anymore. Start showing up, connecting to your Source. I truly love you all from this place of Universal Love, the place of knowing the truth of who you are, not what you were conditioned to believe that you are. And that’s my work. That’s my joy. Thanks for listening.”  ~ EM

From EM: Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have written or commented on your positive feelings around the messages and my own sharings. It means so very much to me. Blessings. / link to original article

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