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Wings Clipped? US To Regulate Drone Usage In 2015 – 29 December 2014

RT logoCommercial drone operations are likely to be regulated in 2015 in the US, which possesses the world’s biggest military drone fleet. Professional pilots are concerned about possible collisions between drones and manned aircraft.

Authorities in the US have been working on ‘drone rules’ for practically a decade, yet the two versions presented over that time failed to comply with expectations of either the Transportation Department or the White House, AP reports.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been promising to make the ‘drone rules’ public by the end of this year, but industry officials believe the document is likely to be ready in January.

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£2Mn Cadet Sex-Abuse Silence: UK Def Min Exposed – 29 December 2014

RT logoThe Ministry of Defence (MoD) has paid more than £2 million in out-of-court settlements during the past three years following claims of sexual abuse against cadets, a freedom of information request has revealed.

The information, obtained by the Guardian, showed that the MoD had settled out-of-court payments for allegations including abuse rituals performed by older boys on younger cadets. Some cases were payouts to adults for historic abuse claims, but others were reportedly much more recent.

In 2014, eight payouts, totaling £544,213, were made to cadets who claimed to have suffered abuse in the Army Cadets, Combined Cadet Force (CCF) and Air Cadet Organisation.

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ZeroHedge – Crude Is Tumbling (Again) – 29 December 2014

ZeroHedgeWhile mainstream media desperately played up the fact that oil prices were ‘off the lows’ this morning as some kind of positive news, that narrative is now dashed to winds of under-demand and over-supply. With WTI Crude prices testing the multi-year cycle lows once again, crashing below $54, we wonder how long before the Yellen effect wears off

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German Govt Denies Merkel Staffer’s Laptop Infected By US/UK Malware – 29 December 2014

RT logoThe German government has denied reports a laptop belonging to a top Merkel aide was infected with the highly-sophisticated Regin virus – malware believed to be a product of British and US spy agencies.

Earlier, Bild reported that Regin spy software was discovered on the USB stick of one of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s senior staff members. Merkel’s Head of the Department of European Policy took the stick home to polish a draft of a speech she had been writing. She saved the document on the USB device using her laptop. At work the next day, virus-scanning software revealed the flash drive was infected with Regin spy software.

READ MORE: Germany to drop investigation into US spying on Merkel – report

Additional checks turned up no infections on any of the 200 high-security laptops in the Chancellery, sources from German security services said, according to the report.

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‘Genie Let Out Of The Bottle: Not Much Saudis Can Do To Prevent Possible Unrest Caused By Budget Deficit’ – 29 December 2014

RT logoThe population of Saudi Arabia is predominantly male, young and unemployed, and it would be difficult for Riyadh to keep the growing discontent under control after announcing a budget deficit, Margaret Bogenrief from ACM partners told RT.

Saudi Arabia, the biggest world’s oil exporter, has predicted a US$39 billion deficit in 2015. This is a result of a 50 percent drop in the price of oil in the second half of this year.

RT: What measures can Saudi Arabia take to limit the damage here?

Margaret Bogenrief: I think what is most interesting, and you are seeing this really with a lot of countries throughout the Middle East, is the genie has kind of been let out of the bottle. I mean, in Saudi Arabia its oil prices, in other countries like Iraq it’s the dissolution of the previous government. I don’t know if there is a lot that Saudi Arabia can do in 2015 to really take care of its citizenry and to prevent the unrest that you see is growing there. If you look at its population, it’s predominantly male, young and unemployed. And I don’t know if there is a lot that they can do to keep that under control.

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ZeroHedge – Brazil’s Economy Just Imploded – 29 December 2014

ZeroHedgeChina may have mastered the art of fabricating economic data to a level unmatched by anyone except the US Department of Labor, but its derivative countries have much to learn. And none other more so than one of China’s favorite sources of commodities over the past decade: Brazil. It is here that things are going from worse to catastrophic, as disclosed in today’s update of Brazil’s fiscal picture.

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OPEC Must Defend Income Of Its Members – Algerian Energy Minister – 29 December 2014

RT logoAlgeria has called for OPEC to cut oil production to raise prices and help a number of member countries from plunging deeper into crisis, according to Energy Minister Youcef Yousfi.

“OPEC should intervene to correct the imbalances by cutting oil output to push prices up and defend incomes of the member countries,”Yousfi said during a news conference.

He added that Algeria does not share the opinion of OPEC’s major suppliers who believe they should not interfere as the market will settle the price itself.

READ MORE: OPEC ‘effectively dissolved’; oil will slide to $50 – Bank of America

Algeria has foreign reserves of $200 billion but is suffering from falling oil prices since oil revenue provides 97 percent of the country’s hard currency and 60 percent of its budget.

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‘Best Christmas Gift’: 2 Indonesian Families Praise Luck For Missing Doomed AirAsia Flight – 29 December 2014

RT logoA missed email and a sick relative prevented two Indonesian families – of five and 10 members respectively – from catching the AirAsia QZ8501 flight. They had cursed their misfortune, before the news came of the plane having disappeared from radars.

LIVE UPDATES on the missing AirAsia plane

Chandra Susanto, who had been planning a holiday in Singapore with his wife and three children since March, had to cancel it a day before the due date, because his father got ill.

It was a difficult decision to make because my son Christopher was so disappointed,” Susanto told the Daily Mail Australia. “He had been looking forward to the holiday for a long time.”

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Wes Annac – Who Is Ra? – Part 18: Fourth And Fifth Density – 2/2 – 29 December 2014

wesannac2Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Concluded from Part 1

Fifth density is ‘extremely white in vibration’, Ra tells us. They also tell us that the Law of One is understood and embraced in this sphere.

“5th density is extremely white in vibration.

Question: “At what point in the densities is it necessary for an entity to be consciously aware of the Law of One in order to progress?

“The 5th density harvest is of those who accept the honor and duty of the Law of One.” (1) Continue reading

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 29 December 2014


Blessings  of the season to all! Marlene


January 12-19, 2014

Beloved Ones,

The times that are before you are filled with energies of new beginnings and this creates a feeling of anticipation while at the same time needing to bring completion to all outstanding issues, and there is a sense of waiting in a void between two worlds. It is a strange time for those of you who have been earnestly working to align with the higher aspects of your self, for you know the work is in completion yet you find that the way forward is hazy and undefined. This is because you are creating your world as you move through each day and you are not used to consciously creating. This feeling will pass and is temporary in nature, all that is required is a willingness to be fully present in each moment and integrating this new idea of yourself. Conscious creation is the next step in your spiritual evolution and requires more attention from you. Continue reading