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Outgoing Senator Urged To Release Full CIA Torture Report – 30 December 2014

RT logoCalls for Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colorado) to reveal the entire, unredacted CIA torture report have increased, with a group of former intelligence analysts issuing a memo that urges the outgoing legislator to read the report on the Senate floor.

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) released the letter, asking Udall to use his constitutional protection as a still-sitting member of Congress to introduce the full 6,000-plus-page report by the Senate Intelligence Committee into the congressional record by reading it on the Senate floor. Thecurrent versionis heavily redacted.

“We, the undersigned are veteran intelligence officers with a combined total of over 300 years of experience in intelligence work,” the letter begins. “We send you this open letter at what seems to be the last minute simply because we had been hoping we would not have to.”

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ZeroHedge – China Leading Index Plunges To Worst Since Feb 2009 Sending Yuan To Lower Trading Band Extreme – 30 December 2014

ZeroHedgeChina’s Leading Index has fallen to its lowest since Feb 2009 this evening, down 4 straight months from credit-driven 18 month highs. This economic weakness has exaggerated the already weak tone in Yuan trading this evening pushing CNY to its weakest in almost 7 months (against the USD), its furthest on record from the CNY Fix (10-month highs), and very close to the PBOC’s upper +2% band for CNY trading. At 6.23, USDCNY is over 1000 pips weaker than the CNY fix. We suspect the weakness in Yuan is also driven by further corruption crackdowns as China will require VIP gamblers in Macau to undergo a record check.

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Death Toll Rises To 10 In Italian Ferry Accident, Dozens ‘Unaccounted For’ – 30 December 2014

RT logoThe death toll following a blaze on an Italian ferry that caught fire off Greece’s Adriatic coast has risen to 10. Dozens were reportedly unaccounted for after the evacuation ended, amid possible inaccuracies in the owner company’s manifest list.

As the evacuation ended on Monday afternoon, rescue teams had saved over 400 people – but the exact number was disputed.

Greek Coast Guard spokesman Nikos Lagadianos cited Italian authorities as saying that 432 people, including passengers and crew, were rescued from the Italian Norman Atlantic ferry, AP reported.

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US Launches Airstrike On Somali Militant Leader – Pentagon – 30 December 2014

RT logoThe US military has conducted an airstrike targeting a senior al-Shabaab leader in Somalia, according to Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby.

“The strike took place in the vicinity of Saakow, Somalia,” the Defense Department has announced.

The military is still assessing the results of the operation, but at this time there is no reason to believe there were any “civilian or bystander casualties,” the Pentagon said in a statement.

Additional information will be provided “when appropriate, as details become available,” it added.

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ActivistPost – Australia Silences Criticism Of Vaccines, Benefits Of Homeopathy – 30 December 2014

Logo_activistpost-comBrandon Turbeville
Activist Post

When the facts surrounding the safety and effectiveness of vaccines begin to be brought into the light, the only option left for those who manufacture, promote, and/or force vaccines onto the general population is to silence the presentation of those facts. Indeed, it is also imperative that those same forces prevent any alternatives to vaccination and financially incentivized medical dogma from becoming known amongst the general public.

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Micro-Houses For Micro-Wages: How Much Room Does London Have For Low-Earning Workers? – 30 December 2014

RT logoStruggling young workers, priced out of the UK’s inflated property market and devoid of resources to rent increasingly expensive shared accommodation, may still have the chance to live in London. Enter the rise of hostel accommodation and microhouses.

The properties span studio flats with shared communal spaces and micro apartments, according to the Financial Times. They are aimed specifically at financially stretched young workers aged 20-39.

For many recent UK graduates, the cost of living in London has become too expensive, amid soaring rent and house prices . The city’s rising population growth is outpacing construction, driving rental and residential real estate prices upwards. As a result, young professionals are often left in a dire situation.

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IDF Switching From Mandatory To Alternative Service – Internal Report – 30 December 2014

RT logoIsrael’s army is in the process of transitioning from a mandatory draft to a volunteer model, says an internal report. Meanwhile, 53 high school alumni signed a letter calling for an army service boycott, denouncing IDF activities in Gaza as “immoral.”

The IDF “must prepare itself in advance” to switching from mandatory to an all-volunteer draft model, says research from the Israel Defense Forces’ behavioral science center, obtained by Haaretz and published on Sunday.

“Based on processes studied in foreign armies, it can be said that in many ways, Israel and the IDF are currently in the process of changing from a mandatory draft model to an alternative one,” says Yuval Benziman, author of the report and a researcher who specializes in the relationship between the IDF and Israeli society.

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