Lisa Gawlas – The End Of One Cycle Opens To A Greater, Grander Cycle!! Happy 2015!!!! – 31 December 2014

lisagawlas2Happy New Year everyone!!  It has been a long and windy road getting to here, hasn’t it!!  But, Here we are none the less.  We have purged, reformatted, purged again.  Aligned, realigned, and then, chose again.  We cannot forget to bless the biology that took the brunt of these energetic changes and (re)alignments again and again and again.

So Here We Are, standing in a day that may look and feel like any other day and yet, it is not.   It is the last day of 2014 and the eve of so much more to come.

I attempted to do a reading yesterday, and in the smallest of glimpses, so much was revealed.  As you know I am in Virginia with my kids, so I created an energy field that would connect me to my backyard in New Mexico, just so I didn’t have to reinvent the field I read from.  As the connection started, the energy connection right into my backyard was a sticky translucent gold, very much like golden honey.  The field itself, my lady’s field, was a huge pile of this sticky substance.  Inside this pile, I could see (but not make out) things forming within the pile.

Creation creating.  You and me being the creators of course.  All we focused on, all we cleared the field to grow, seeds we planted and even many we didn’t consciously plant, it’s all emerging as our new, expanded and enhanced reality.

This is the year of LIVING our mastery.  Of Being in this world, but not of it.  To shine your light, your wisdom everywhere you go.  And most of all, to know you can pull a rabbit out of your hat anytime you desire!!  We Are the greatest magic show this realm has every experienced.

Of course, this is the land of duality so as many of us suit up for Being Heaven on earth, you know there is going to be the opposite happening right along side of it all too.  Fears, big and bold and haunting even, giving those another chance to look whatever they fear in the face and illuminate it once and for all.  There is just way too much light for anything to hide as it has before.

Do not look out of your window to what we call the dark side of humanity and place judgment on any of it.  Many are playing their parts as needed to facilitate the grander light to those in need.  Nothing is ever as it seems.

Our star families are going to become more and more involved in our coming year, both telepathically, but equally, with our own viewing eyes.  Science may call their presence anomalies, yet, we know better.  They will simply be grooming the ground for their selective meet and greets.

We are now birthing the grandest cycle of earths history.  Keeping in mind, earth is always in a series of cycles, we have a major cycle concluding May of this coming year that was opened in 2012.  As that cycle concludes, it will expand whatever version of earth you are experiencing as we move forward.

This is going to be a very interesting year!!  See you on the other side!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with wonder and joy unlimited!!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article

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