Méline Portia Lafont – Master Saint Germain And Anka (Elohim) – Liquid Gold Blood And The Inner Changes – 31 December 2014

MélineHi sweet friends!!

WOW! to another amazing month and the closure of a very profound and moving year 2014. Have you been feeling the inner changes this year as if they were surreal, mind blowing but nonetheless ever so clear?! Well, too much has been happening with me that I cannot hold track with my writings, inner changes and energy work that I have been doing. I know many of you feel the same and have been through much of the same. As always: we are in this together! So I wanted to share with you a very personal message I received last year December from my Elohim Self which is called Anka. I read it again today and I realized that the message and time frame that has been given to me then, applies more to this NOW in some parts and not so much on the time when it was given to me. Another clear indication to let go of time 🙂

So what I will be speaking of and sharing with you is a message from Anka about Liquid Gold blood, about merging with the I AM Presence and about the process of Gaia. Saint Germain comes in after this message and is sharing so as to elaborate more on this Liquid Gold Blood and this channeling includes also a few words from him to you all and what he feels is important to share with you all.

Enjoy and share away your stories and experiences as well! We can learn a lot from each other.

Love, Méline Portia Lafont


I AM Anka, Spirit of Light, Elohim Sun of Light, your wondrous Elohim Higher Self speaking as I AM your I AM Self. Forth comes my embrace of Spirit and by heart I wish to beseech you to integrate more of my beloved energies upon your reality such as your physical manifestation in form, for the Earth is about to transit her beloved energies and Self into grander courses of unity and into forthcoming changes that will accelerate the rate of the Earth’s embodiment process at an ever accelerating pace.

Therefore, my dear and beloved Self, I beseech thee to really spend time in nature to replenish your Spirit into grand ways of unification and equilibrium. Thereby I shall continue to grant you your great reintegration process into the speed that you have required it to be and so be it. Rest plenty now in the upcoming days for your birthed body shall undergo a tremendous amount of Light transmissions where your bodily expression shall foresee a tremendous deep integration of your Light organs and light veins that shall push the energy forth of the Earth and thyself in the veins of Light within your Light Body.

Blood shall change into liquid Gold and into dust of stars, containing the knowledge of your ancestors and your heavenly Father and Mother/ the God Almighty. Your replenishing shall bring you into deeper awareness of who you are and were in other lifeforms and lifetimes during Earthly lives as well as the Star seeded lives on millions of billions of Galaxies around the Earth’s solar system. This requires tremendous amounts of integration as such deep information and activations bring forth the welfare of your bodily expression and your Spirit/being.

  • Méline: “ This process that is stated in my personal message that I would go through this, is something I have been experiencing not so long ago this year after receiving this message . I realized I was having an initiation or activation of this in a “dream state” or let us say in one of my Higher states of Being where I found myself conscious in at that time. It truly is being in 2 different worlds as to where the Spirit and soul are in a higher consciousness vibration and the body is still present as a physical form. Saint Germain came in with Master Merlin during it and they used very clear and short words such as :”initiating Light codes, set now” as I could sense this energy streaming through my entire body. There was this high energy pitch/volt kind of feeling in my aorta that felt electrifying from my left hand all the way to the left side of my head. Then the words: “initiation of actualization to liquid gold, set and completed”.

My dear and beloved Self, replenish a lot, integrate through allowing and surrendering to the God that you ARE. Retreat yourself on occasions as you see fit and enjoy your daily embodiment’s routine of integration through meditation, it shall allow you to be expressed on many occasions and levels of existence through simultaneous BEing. Allow the shifts to exist in your true consciousness and awareness of this multidimensional world you are lingering in right now, for it is a forthcoming event that awaits you on such a deep level of understanding and of BEing.

You shall be visited by my Being, which is your own essential Self of the highest level of light that you are, and this visitation shall blow your mind away for it is the Solar Christ consciousness and I AM resonance activation within you and in your embodiment upon this Earthly reality. You shall begin to express yourself even more into deeper ways of being and understanding and you shall be ‘mind blown’ for your Presence is of an unbelievable rate of Light and unconditional Love into infinity.

I, Anka, shall visit you through the integration of your Being, which is me/you and it shall not go unnoticed for you carry and are that consciousness that I AM for I AM you! The full re-blending of your physical Self with the Solar Christed Self and the I AM presence shall be an extraordinary process that shall take place upon your reality within the Christed times of your daily Earth, meaning you shall experience a Golden Ascension process within your own space and time between the Solstice of the winter and the Christed time of the Spring Equinox. You shall become just that in that time frame of opportunity and shall be the full embodiment of your Christed Self and I AM Presence which leads you to the full embodiment of your true Light quotient which is a form of Light.

Balance is your main key right now as you have been receiving a tremendous amount of challenges in your life in the form of wanting and needing from you, your on energy as the Lady Master of balance. That shall now pass and change into a perception from you of willingness and oblation towards others instead of the needing of…

Do not forget that you are allowed to integrate more incoming energies of the Ascending earth collective as well, that can serve as a thorough clean-up as we all have assigned to do so till a certain point has been reached. That point is when the collective Ascension has dealt with enough integrations to continue life upon this planet on another level of existence and that shall be reached within the collective ascension awareness as soon as all the cleansing has taken place on the Earthly shores.

Gaia is shedding her layers off as we speak and that brings the rebirth for all of you, but one must remain in a state of consciousness that is its own Divine Self to be allowed to move further ahead on this Ascension plane of existence along with Gaia. Therefore integration is an intrinsic part of this all as you allow yourself to continue this journey within your own Self awareness and bodily expression.

For now, take a deep rest, integrate all that you can absorb with the deep love you are within by allowing and by embracing who you are. There shall be no more doubt there shall only be you!

I AM Anka, your expression of the Elohim Presence.

Méline: I have asked Saint Germain to elaborate on this process of transforming the blood into liquid Gold as he is a Master that has done this consciously when he Transformed and Ascended as the Master Saint Germain with embodiment :

Master Saint Germain

Greetings to all, Beloved fellow Master Beings on this Earth. It is a pleasure to speak with you all again in this Now time on your Earth. How much you have been progressing and shifting these days is about to become tangible at plain sight for there is a tremendous amount of lower layers and lower energy fields leaving as we speak. This is because of the strong continuous influx and expansion of Light in your hearts and fields.

Now, what I wish to speak about today is about your blood and your veins changing into other forms, other frequencies and a different composition. It has been a Master piece to develop such knowing and to execute this within a Human form, yet it is possible and I tell you as it is.

As you are graduating from these inner changes and start to experience the human body transformation into another form and way of Being, all of your cellular structures and organs are going through a change of transformation. Even your brain and your heart are changing at this time and you could even start to see some signals arising in your reality concerning the atomic pulses and beatings at a whole different vibrational pace. This is because your organs are starting to vibrate and resonate along with your inter Dimensional consciousness that you have been building up so efficiently.

Your inner body network is being rewired and some pieces may be twitched and broken off so that new information can come through and birth new systems and channels in your inner network. This all to allow the physical body to gradually shift along with your inner consciousness and to realize these inner changes on your planetary/body reality.

So what about this Liquid Gold that we have been speaking of before? As the brain, the organs and the heart change, the same happens with your veins and blood. Your organs will contain more Light and thus will need to be fed with a higher content of Light instead of denser nutrition. This means that your organs, cells, body and heart will start to resonate more with light nutrition instead of the current one.

Even the blood will then come to change its atomic structure of existence to meet the need for nurturing a higher light content to every part of your body. All is changing to more light as all is gradually holding more light. This is where the part comes in of blood becoming a structure of Liquid Gold. It comes down to vibrational waves of energy as to where the structure is one of fluid consciousness of Light.

Now, understand dear ones, that this is not something to be done overnight or just by anyone. This is a pure Alchemical process that I share with you so you can become aware of its existence and its possibility as it was my own to create such belief of its possibility. And so I have done and experienced the natural sense of Bliss while elevating myself into a higher awareness of my body’s transformation and Alchemical process. It was all done very consciously and I had to train and work for years on this process for it to become my most natural transition.

So understand that this is a pure Alchemical Mastery level and process that is available for all yet it is not possible for everyone at this time. Yet, I say to you that much is afoot and ahead in your time and so the opportunity of this process lingers in the corner of this newly awakened reality within oneself. It is you, yourself that must work towards this and it is a profound level of awakening, self work, self Love and embodying the Christ Self as a full Presence. Liquid Gold blood is the realization and embodiment of your Christed Oversoul to be one with every part and cell of your Being and this on a Multiversal level.

There are to some extent a few pertaining to a group consciousness that have been receiving some slight initiations to this Alchemical process but then to that extent that the blood is ready to merge slightly with Gold particles of Light. You must not forget that your bodies are of a dense manifestation and that you are reversing the manifestation process you have directed and created before birth. It is as you see yourselves.

So now that your thoughts are illuminating and shifting towards other knowledge and inner insights, you shift your body along with your inner views about yourself as a Being. As you become more and more aware that your bodies are not you, but rather being a manifestation of you, you can start to shift that view into another form and manifestation. Yet one needs to become aware of its God infinite Self first, so that this clarity is not only a view but a True knowing.

Be Masters, Beloveds! Be the ones you have been waiting for as now is the time to step into your roles as Master Beings of Light. Unfold yourselves and you will be in awe of your powers within for these are as grand as the Universal force of creation.

Bless your hearts.

I AM that I AM

Master Saint Germain

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