US Ships 5 More Gitmo Detainees Home – This Time To Kazakhstan – 31 December 2014

RT logoFive detainees have been shipped from the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay to Kazakhstan, the Pentagon announced late Tuesday, taking the number of prisoners released from the detention center in 2014 to 28.

The three Yemenis and two Tunisians sent to the central Asian nation capped off the highest number of transfers from the prison in one year since 2009. That year, US President Barack Obama first took office after vowing to close the facility, where many detainees who remain today have been kept for well over a decade without being charged or tried.

The latest releases bring the number of detainees to 127 at the Guantanamo prison, which first opened following the attacks of September 11, 2001 to house suspected militants, but eventually became an international symbol of human rights abuses.

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