Cuba Thaw: A Chance To Break Out From The Yoke Of US Sanctions? – 1 January 2014

RT logoThe surprise political development of 2014 was undoubtedly the announcement by the US and Cuban governments in December that they are to embark on the process of normalizing relations between both countries.

After decades of a US-imposed economic blockade and policy of undermining the Cuban Revolution, the announcement, which arrived completely out of the blue, was treated as a victory in Havana, even though the economic blockade which has been responsible for so much suffering and hardship remains in place.

A remarkable achievement

It is remarkable to consider that Cuba and the Cuban people have successfully defied the world’s most powerful and destructive superpower for decades – even more so considering that this superpower lies on its very doorstep. This is an achievement that history will record as a triumph of self-determination, dignity, and justice over a global economic system under which nations of the Global South have long been denied the same.

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