Lisa Gawlas – The ExtraTerrestial Liniage In Our DNA And Turning It ALL On In 2015!! – 2 January 2015

lisagawlas2Happy 2015 everyone!!  I have ended 2014 in a way that has just wet my taste buds to experience and taste what the fullness of 2015 is going to reveal for our experiences.  New Years eve I did an ET connection session that was rescheduled from Christmas eve.  Sorry I didn’t get this out yesterday to really start the new year with, but, I was recovering from the most wonderful playdate I had with my kids.

My lady had three different friends from the skies show up, two revealed themselves, one said when she is ready for her connection, she will reveal herself at that time.

Some things became very clear in my understanding with words many of  our ET’s refer to, such as “realms” when talking about different solar systems beyond their own.  Also, sectors when referring to other planets within their own realm.  All three of her friends were from different sectors within the same realm.

I was very grateful I didn’t have to try to pronounce their names, they let me give them nicknames, her main was is Andy from Andromeda and the other one I simply called Kirmy cuz he sort of reminded me of Kermit the frog.  The third, like I mentioned, was present but not revealed, however, definitely a feminine presence.

All three of them have a related interplay of abilities they are gathering together to help her remember.  Andy’s focus is on the dimensions themselves.  Unlike anything I have ever seen with dimensions before, he showed us how they really look, like fluttering sheets of energy.  It so reminded me of something moving with the currents in the ocean, a gentle fluttering that constantly opened and closed with I suppose solar or space winds.  There were no portals or vortexes as I have become accustomed to seeing.  Andy explained that they can open and close these sheets, the dimension sheeting at will with the use of their brain waves, as could we.  He showed us arcing energy emerging from just above the temples on each side of his head moving outwards to connect with the dimensional sheets.

Kirmy had an interesting device in his hand that resembled our rubies.  He made it clear that the material that made this thing he called, “the mechanics of time” up, was from his realm and not ours. It was about 6-8 inches tall and was a cross between a pyramid and cylinder shape, really hard to describe really.  There were like facets on it, but not really facets either.  As he was showing us this time thing, suddenly what looked like a small white flame appeared inside at the base and started to move, grow, collapse and start all over again.

As I was looking for a main picture for this sharing, I found this image, which actually looks exactly like that mechanics of time thingie except made of a substance that resembled ruby.

link to picture

To put the use of this thing in the most basics of categories, it alters time and is used in conjunction with the dimensions for their travels.

They made an exciting statement during our session together, we have learned to travel interdimentionally with our etheric body, but wouldn’t it be more exciting if we took our physical bodies with us too!!??  Ahhh… hell yeah!!!

They must have heard my inside thought about the various atmospheres and immediately one of them said, there is so much we do not fully know about our bodies capabilities.  Thru eons of time we have been programmed that our bodies can only do this, or breathe that and yet, none of it is true.  Our lungs have the ability to adjust to various atmospheres.

When her two friends did the energy alignment within her during our session they gave me a bird’s eye view of what they were doing with her.  Kirmy was really targeting her pineal gland as well as her visual cortex.  He showed a series of what I can only call movie screens suddenly opening at the back of her head (the visual cortex area) that will help her remember how to use all that is going to be revealed to her. What excited me even more, my lady was describing what she was seeing and it was exactly what I was seeing too!!  Her ET friends seemed genuinely surprised at my excitement of seeing the same thing in the same way and one even commented, why would she see or experience something different?  Dah??  I dunno!!  lol

One thing for sure, our telepathic ability has increased!!!

I watched as Kirmy started to do something… energy work of some sort at her foramen magnum (the large opening at the base of the skull.)  He explained, again, how much we have forgotten about our bodies abilities.  At this particular opening there are frequency regulators that will become an important part of our interplanetary biological travel.  Thru this part of her session, all I could think about was the medulla oblongata, AKA The Mouth of God.

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Somewhere thru this amazing session, they showed us the various splices of DNA that now forms what we call the human body.  Many bits and parts of our star family went into this version of the human species.  So much is regulated by what we would call our brain waves or more simply stated, what we think we know about our bodies.

Ohhhh, another thing Andy stated as well, we really have no clue about the vastness of dimensions either.  On earth we talk about 3, 4 and 5 D when there are actually hundreds upon hundreds of dimension.  We really need to get out of our limited way of seeing the greater creation or we will be bound to what we think we know.

I am completely resigned to say I know thing about our bodies and am more than excited to allow the light of truth to be shined on us, thru us, as we kick-start the most amazing year of experiences ahead.

On that note, I hope I wet your own taste buds for the extraordinariness that lays within us!!

Happy amazing new year of a brand new experience of Self Discovery to All!!  Wrapped in ((((HUGZ)))) of course!!!

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