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ActivistPost – 1000+ People Killed By Cops In 2014, FBI Trying To Falsely Report Actual Numbers – 2 January 2015

Logo_activistpost-comJustin King
Activist Post

Another year has come to an end, which means another set of Unified Crime Reports (UCR) will be published by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The reports are supposed to be the most authoritative set of data on crime in the US.

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Hybrid Fixed Wing Drone Goes At Speeds Of Up To 100 kph (VIDEO) – 2 January 2015

RT logoA Kickstarter campaign has raised $35,000 – with just $15,000 to go – for the development of a fixed-wing drone. The prototype can soar at speeds of 100 kph, as well as being able to conduct the vertical takeoff and landing of a regular drone.

The X PlusOne drone was designed by aerospace engineer JD Claridge. The design has been produced as both Google and Belgium’s Katholieke Universiteit Leuven are both rushing to develop similar projects that allow drones to use fixed-wing flight for the sake of achieving greater speeds.

“I love the technology around drones and I’ve been involved with it, and as I’ve done that, I’ve really seen a need that’s not being addressed,” Claridge says on the Kickstarter fundraiser page.

“It’s a quadcopter combined with a flying wing,” he said. “The quadcopter gives you the ability for precision takeoff and landing and hover, and the flying wing gives you the capability for efficient forward flight.”

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230 Scots Face Bankruptcy Each Week In 2015 – Insolvency Expert – 2 January 2015

RT logoAn impending economic downturn in Scotland will leave 1,000 firms insolvent and up to 12,000 Scottish people bankrupt in 2015, a report predicts.

This amounts to roughly 20 firms going under and 230 Scottish people going bust each week, according to Bryan Jackson of UK accountancy and business advisory firm BDO LLP.

Jackson is an insolvency expert who also acts as chairman of Britain’s ICAS Insolvency Committee.

BDO LLP’s report, published on Friday, acknowledges many companies experienced growth throughout 2014. But it warns the wider UK economy is entering a period of stagnation.

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ActivistPost – Roundup ”Weedkiller” Feeds Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria, Study Finds – 2 January 2015

Logo_activistpost-comSayer Ji
Activist Post

The nightmarish toxicological profile of Roundup herbicide (glyphosate) continues to emerge within the peer-reviewed research, this time revealing its role in supporting the growth of a pathogenic bacteria of great medical significance.

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Royal Navy Warship Embarks On Mission To Combat Piracy – 2 January 2015

RT logoOne of the Royal Navy’s most advanced warships embarked on a five-month counter-piracy operation on Friday.

HMS Dauntless left Portsmouth Naval Base on a routine deployment to the Gulf, where it will be “deterring piracy and keeping the sea lanes open for free and safe passage of merchant vessels,” the Royal Navy said.

The Type 45 destroyer will make several stops in the Mediterranean for training as well as visiting ports in a number of Gulf States to “strengthen ties in the region.”

“This will be a high-profile deployment for Dauntless during which we will provide reassurance to the UK’s allies in the region, while conducting maritime security and counter-piracy patrols,” said the warship’s Commanding Officer, Commander Adrian Fryer.

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Hedging Their Bets: Farage Revealed As Courting City Fund Tycoons To Bankroll UKIP – 2 January 2015

RT logoNigel Farage, who markets his UK Independence Party as a grassroots brigade immune to vested and corporate interests, has been revealed as courting hedge funds and City of London investors to fund his challenge to the mainstream parties.

Although the euroskeptic UKIP leader has publicly claimed he hopes to create a “peoples party” independent of corporatism, he privately encouraged his party affiliates to forge relationships with influential City tycoons.

Documents reveal, while addressing the party’s executive committee in 2012, Farage said “the key to money for us will be the hedge fund industry.”

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Jon Rappoport – Scott Faber: “No One Is Seeking To Ban GMO Crops.” W-H-A-T ? – 2 January 2015

jon7Scott Faber (twitter) testifies before Congress. Wobbly drum roll, sour cymbal crash.

Faber is the executive director of Just Label It (twitter), a group that wants mandatory labeling of foods containing GMOs. He’s also the VP of Governmental Affairs for the powerful Environmental Working Group (twitter).

As the representative of all Americans who want labeling (really??), Faber recently testified before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health, about the Pompeo Bill (“The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act of 2014” (HR4432)), which, if enacted into law, will put an end to mandatory GMO labeling everywhere in the US. Continue reading