Tiger Selfie Bans And Rape Kit Rules Among New Laws For 2015 – 2 January 2015

RT logoThe New Year means a lot more than just updated calendars: across the United States, law books are being amended with an array of new legislation that went into effect on January 1, 2015.

From raising the minimum wage in 20 states (and the District of Columbia), to lowering the age at which Louisianans can register to vote, Americans from coast-to-coast can expect new laws kicking in this week to bring changes across the board.

In California — where 930 new laws are being added this year, according to the San Francisco Chronicle — residents are readying for all sorts of new rules that stand to alter everything from DMV procedures to “selfie” protections. The Golden State isn’t the only place with a bevy of new laws, though, and RT has put together a look at some of the more significant — and silly — new rules for 2015.

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