Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Appreciation Opens The Doors Between The Worlds – 4 January 2015

LarryLarsonThe things that you appreciate about your now are the links that connect to you to the future that you desire. The future that you desire—the life of your dreams—is present now, a vibrational reality, always available. You may enter at any time you wish. And in that vibrational reality there are key elements—people, places and things—that will follow you forward as you step from your physically present now moment into your vortex of imagination. They are present in both places.

And it is your appreciation of those elements in your physical now moment that connects you with this vibrational presence that you have created. The life of your dreams is filled with all of the things you appreciate, is it not? How can you possibly connect with a world filled with things you appreciate by focusing on things you don’t like? Think about it. When you focus your attention upon things, people or situations that displease you, you cannot possibly tune in to the vibration of your desired life, no matter what it is.

And so we are going to continue our discussion of stepping from one vibrational reality into another and we would love it if you would join us. But here you have the key to the door between worlds: the world of your present physical now, and the world filled with everything you love and that loves you.

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Blessings of abundance and life,
~ Twelve /  via newsletter 4 January 2015


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