Truth About Lie Detection: Scientists Develop More Accurate Method Than Polygraphs – 6 January 2015

RT logoA breakthrough method of lie detection – an all-body motion capture suit – has a success rate in tests of over 70 percent. The invention by a team of British and Dutch researchers may soon drive out the nearly 100-year-old polygraphs.

The new technology, which “records the position, velocity and orientation of 23 points in the subject’s body”, was reported in a study called ‘To freeze or not to freeze’ by researchers from four major British and Dutch universities at the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences at Kauai Island on Monday.

The brand-new approach is based on the idea that liars fidget more, so it also utilizes non-verbal communication, like the old-fashioned polygraph. Lie-detector tests are common among the police and intelligence agencies around the world, but the technology that relies on facial tics or heart rate could be completely changed in the next decade.

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