‘Upset, Angry, Hurt’: Family Of 23Yo Man Shot By Kansas Officer Accuses Police Of Brutality – 6 January 2015

RT logoThe cousin of a 23-year-old man, gunned down by Wichita police on Saturday, has blamed the officers for John Paul Quintero’s death, saying they “got out of the vehicle ready to kill,” while the victim was allegedly weaponless.

“Everybody’s upset, angry, hurt,” Alina Quintero, a family spokeswoman and cousin of John Paul “Paulie” Quintero, who died in hospital hours after the shooting, told the Wichita Eagle online newspaper. “One fact is, police shot an unarmed man,” she stated.

“Paulie” grew up in San Antonio, Texas, and moved to Wichita a couple months ago to begin a food-processing job.

“He came here to start a better future,” Alina explained.

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