Sophia Love – Face To Face With Yourself – 7 January 2015

SophiaLoveNewYour understanding is growing – from that of Initiate to that of Master. All emotions, feelings and especially reactions are mere reflections of you.  What begins (Source) within, is that which you can trust as truth.  There are some that/who could be called “triggers”.

What does a “trigger” do?  Once pushed, it activates/initiates a force/propulsion/explosion so that whatever is concealed in the belly of the piece is immediately shot forth; no longer hidden.

What is hidden has been put there so that it is not seen by anyone.  “Triggers” ruin everything.  They expose our deepest parts before we decide to do so ourselves, often in uncomfortable ways that can feel fatal.

Once pushed, a “trigger’s” job is done.  Unless of course, you have more that is concealed.  If so, the trigger will propel what is hiding again and again, over and over until you notice.

This moment of Now does not need to feel fatal.  Once noticed, that which is hidden can be brought out into the light of day gently; then gracefully danced with until your steps are in unison.  This number was choreographed by a Master.  The Master is you.

It is only through love that you will make this leap.  Not blame or reporting wrongs or faults – but through seamless cooperation with all that emerges.  Every moment offers an opportunity for collaboration now.  Each interaction brings to the surface just one question/one choice – Love or Fear?

In the choice of fear there is a reticence, a resistance, a hanging on, a perceived debt or obligation, apology or payback.  With love there is only an allowing – a “yes, and…” response that gives permission for the other to be; all the while considering how best to fill your shared moment with acceptance and with love.

This Now we are in transcends any we’ve experienced thus far.  A deep emergence into your worldview brings you face to face with what you are here to incorporate.

This is not something other than you, but a part of you that’s been denied.  “No-one gets left behind, or forgotten” applies here.  Every inch of you is necessary, okay and part of the whole.

Illness, arguments and feelings of pain are symptoms of denial.  There is no “other” you are arguing with or denying.  You are One.  Be grateful for each “other”, every “trigger” and all symptoms of illness or pain.  They are like reminders of things forgotten; extra hands to help move you along.  They were chosen by you, for you, and have arrived right on time.  We are doing this together.  We are One.

We are the One we’ve been waiting for.


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