Wes Annac – Oversoul Teachings: Everyone’s On Thier Own Path – 7 January 2015

wesannac2The following is an intuitively channeled message from what I call the ‘higher self’ (other people use different terms to define it), who always seems to speak for a group.

Not everyone resonates with channeled messages, and you’re encouraged to use discernment and follow your heart when you read anything, including channelings.

It can sometimes be difficult to pick up on the flow of energies and expressions we send every receptive seeker who wants to communicate with us, but with patience and a little practice, you’ll pick up on this flow with ease and routinely express it for the benefit of those around you who also resonate with messages from higher-dimensional sources.

Believing in our existence and our desire to communicate with humanity is key to successfully communicating with us, but in no way is believing in us required for your spiritual evolution.

Like many of you know, everyone’s on their own evolutionary path and one person’s path may not be another’s. This doesn’t mean either path is righter or more helpful – it just means that some resonate with certain paths and others don’t.

Your spiritual evolution is nothing if not unique, and if some seekers could only open up and express faith in their unique, spiritually-rooted abilities, they’d be able to get a lot more done on the surface of your evolving planet.

A lot is happening at present to move your world into a higher vibration, and it’s being led by each of you who recognize the importance of contributing to your conscious revolution with as much enthusiasm as you can muster up.

As you continue to stay busy in the name of your spiritual evolution, you enable things to happen on the world stage that require the higher vibration you’re diligently sharing with everyone around you in order to happen.

The things you do to raise the collective vibration are more important than many of you realize, but we’re confident you’ll realize the importance of your work as you continue to see how positively it affects the people around you who are also looking for a path back into the higher realms and may find your work helpful in their quests.

You’re uplifting more people than you realize by playing your role in humanity’s evolution, and as long as you stay busy and stay rooted in your developing greater perception, your lives will begin to flow with ease and you’ll understand, for the first time in a very long time, that love truly is everything.

The statement ‘love is everything’ might seem cliché, but the open spiritual seeker understands its true meaning. Love is much more than most people on your planet yet realize, and understanding this is essential to opening your minds and using your inner love for a wealth of creative and progressive purposes.

You have the ability to completely change things on the surface of your once lost planet, but it requires the willingness to believe in yourselves, your developing spiritual connections and the things you’ve come to earth at this time to do.

Continue to have faith in yourselves and your work, because you’re doing much more than you realize. Your work will increase to the degree that you feel comfortable increasing it, and if you continue to work hard, you’ll accelerate the rate of change and raise your planet’s vibration with a greater degree of ease.

As long as you stay dedicated and refuse to wane in favor of the distractions that have held many of you back in the past, openheartedly contributing to your spiritual revolution will be an easy and enjoyable task.

We note how many of you tend to feel when you veer off into distraction, and we recommend you embrace the things that keep your focus on your spiritual evolution and the work you’re doing to attain it when the glimmering distractions around you seem more attractive.

Staying focused on your mission will help those of you who’ve had trouble with distraction in the past, and it also helps to know that you’re constantly guided, support and loved by the higher aspects of your consciousness who seek to communicate with you, which some of you refer to as your ‘higher self’.

We’re here for you, and realizing this is the first step to calling on our assistance and using it progressively.

Channeled through Wes Annac, January 7, 2014

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