Wes Annac – Enlightened Quotes: The Masculine And Feminine Principles – 8 January 2015

wesannac2“In the universe, there exist two essential principles which are reflected in every manifestation of life and Nature. All creation is the result of these two principles which are called, for the sake of convenience, the masculine and feminine principles.

“These are reflections, repetitions of the two great divine principles which created everything, the Heavenly Father and the Divine Mother, who are the polarization of the unique principle, the Absolute, the Non-Manifest….

“It is said that man was created in the image of God, that is, in the image of these two principles, the masculine and the feminine, one that is visible, and the other other that is hidden, it is there, but it cannot be seen.

“Each woman is feminine on the outside and has within her the masculine principle and each man is masculine on the outside and has the feminine principle within. If you know this law of polarity and how to use the two principles, masculine and feminine, emissive and receptive, positive and negative, how many of your problems will then be resolved!” – Aivanhov

(Omraam Mikhhael Aivanhov, Love and Sexuality, Part 1. Frejus Cedex: Editions Prosveta, 1987, 15-6.)

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