Lisa Gawlas – And 2015 Begins The “Unpacking” Phase Thru The 1st Quarter! – 10 January 2015

lisagawlas2I hope you are all enjoying and fully experiencing the NEW Year, the new earth, the new…. well, everything!!  I find it bountiful on all levels!!  Of course, as the day of readings showed us yesterday, we are just getting started!!!  I think I can liken yesterdays reading experiences to unpacking the suitcase, but it is filled with all new stuff.  New energy, new layouts, new opportunities and things I have yet to find the words to describe.  The great thing about the items in this new suitcase, it knows where to go and how to work, all we have to do is show up and allow!!  Can you imagine that, just ALLOW!!  No work, no spinning in circles, no repetitive mantra’s…

One of the most interesting things from yesterdays connections is how much interpretation has changed, right down to the way I interpret numerology.  I like to keep things as simple as I can in connection with anything, so I use Kryon’s basic 2-3 word interpretation of numbers, well, that is until yesterday when one of the readings had packages of numbers associated with my lady.

Just in front of her were these things that looked like long, thin, beautiful weeds growing.  They were each a bronzy gold, all about 5 feet tall and all had this spiral or curlicue at the top.  They were distinctly in two sections, one of a grouping of 8 the other in a grouping of nine.  8 as always been seen (by me in readings) as above and below, or infinity, depending on the use in the reading.  Not now!  Instead her team completely redefined this number and its display in my eyes.  The two parts of the eight were folded in half on top of each other, representing above and below as one energy, no longer separated.

What surprised me even more was the way her team delved into the group of 9.  Not allowing for the single number of 9 in their description, but placing my focus on the 5 and the 4 that makes up the 9.  Five itself still represents change, but 4… it had always meant a cycle of completion within the earths cycle that one is within.  Her team explained… how could there be a completion when this earth is only 8 days old.  Instead, it is new cycle within the new earth and the catalyst (for her) is the 5 that preceded the 4.  Nine has always been a cycle of completion on all levels, again, not any more.  Instead they took the energy laying within the 9, the 5 and 4 and said it was now engorged with mastery to accomplish her cycle on all levels, starting with her earth connection and expanding outwards.

Which brings me to the energy that I once interpreted as the “West Field.”  It too has changed.  No more reference to stored energy, the silo of all mastery and good karma coins, nope.  Now it is all planted within you and within the new earth and is growing.  My number lady’s team explained that the two groupings I am seeing for my lady, were the seeds of her heart and soul desire already growing.  But this too, is a process.  There are some things that will remain the same on earth and the fact that we must assimilate and expanding into every new energy pocket, remains.

Another thing that was shown thru her reading really got my motor running.  Her team expanded to the ground level itself and I could see what looked like a thick layer of clouds (maybe about 4 feet thick) resting on the earths surface.  Her team explained that this is the new energy and since the earth is only 8 days old, this energy is still mostly untouched by anyone.  It kind of reminds me of really foggy days and you can see the clouds laying on the ground floor.  As the sun comes out, the clouds go back up into the sky.  Similar thing here.  Except my lady was told to spend time putting her hands out in front of her and using the palm chakras to begin to feel the energy of the earth and its subtle changes thru the day.  Then they thru me for a bigger loop by sneaking in the fact that there is a compass in her hands.  They just slid that fact in like I should have already known that.  Hey!!  I know nuttin and the more i know, the less I know!!

The more I thought about it, the more it makes sense tho.  Compasses are magnetic tools we use to orient ourselves to the directions of the earth, mostly, magnetic north.  With the magnetic field laying directly on top of the earth, our compasses have got to be much stronger in its pull than ever before.  Even as I type out that sentence, I hear my own team saying nothing is being hidden from any of us on this full functioning version of 2015 earth, all we have to do is…. be present and use it!!

But lets take that even further, our hands, the grasp we have on the reach for life we desire.  Of course the magnetic would start there.  Your feet will take you where you want to go, but unless you grasp what you desire, your still standing on the sidelines… waiting.

Thru many of the connections yesterday there seems to be pivotal points in this unpacking that is being done.  February 23rd is a huge one.  It seems that all that is happening now will be completed on the ground level by February 23rd.  The only thing I could understand from that, is everything will be amplified and accelerated.  But the details… remain an exciting mystery.  With this information, the understanding was the first quarter of this year (January thru March) was setting up our new home, our new way of participating with heaven and earth as one energy system, key word PARTICIPATING!!!!  Just sayin…

My one lady whose reading was really geared towards the february 23rd dateline asked a question about her husband.  I could not find him in her field, but her field too, was tight around her body as it elongates upwards then bends downwards at the 23rd.  Her team explained to keep her energy free of any karmic lessons underway for those she lives with.  I finally found her husband in the place that must have been in relationship to those that went over the cliff (at the end of 2014) instead of upwards to 2015.  He was behind her “present moment” about 10 feet or more and her team explained that is to show being out of our “time” and still in the old version of time.  He was also down below… this new earth seems to have a 4 foot crust, then gets hallow and about 10 feet below this new earths crust, is another version of earth… the old one.  That is where he was located.  I could not see any details of what it all meant to him, but it was stated to her over and over again, these are his lessons to allow him to choose again, do not take any of it personally or allow it to alter her direction.

On that note, another exciting day is about to begin!!  I hope you are all decked out in your Cinderella and Cinderfella gowns and ready to party and play like never before!!

I love you all so much and I am so ready to party with those who can make it to the equinox gathering on March!!  Wheeeee!!  There will be dancing!!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of blissful joy to All!!

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