Méline Portia Lafont – The Start Of 2015 – Accelerated Shifts – 10 January 2015

Our new year 2015 has kicked off with a true “kick in the but” scenario for the collective and ourselves as an individual expression of BEing.  Up we go in an accelerated speed, ready or not as things must change and move in this Now.  Whether things are perceived supportive to you or not, you are being showed what is still present and lingering to be letting go of. This is especially so for the collective consciousness, as the first wavers have stepped into multidimensional experiences and Mastery.  For those of us: stay grounded and centered at all times! we lead by example now and need to hold the light and Love anchored and present.  Second Wavers are taking over that which the first wavers have completed as a task or service through growth and expansion. 

For those of the second Wave: you are becoming the Masters now who will transmute for the world and learn to hold the vibration High in Oneself as well as for the Collective.  I feel this year is one of reunion with certain levels as well as communication, contact with certain of our Galactic and Master energies that are overlightening us as an individual experience and expression.  Levels of Self thus.  This brings the opportunity to experience a more expanded reality with new Earth templates and energies, as well as with the consciousness of Galactic vibrations and levels.  You will become more sensitive to all things that happen and shift energetically, as your consciousness and fields are expanding.  Wherever you are in this NOW, whatever is happening in your direct surrounding or this world, hold that space of inner peace, serenity and hold the thought that all is a reflection of the shift which the collective or your surrounding is experiencing in order to awaken to their own Divine consciousness and potential. When knowing all is one and inter connected on the inner planes of Being, you assist the collective and the world by focussing on the Self and your inner planes of Being ~ your heart.  When being in your inner planes ~ Heart ~ focus on Love and open the Gates to the Multiverse and the Galactic planes which you partake in as a Multidimensional consciousness.  This way you center yourself in the eternal being that you are and you allow your Multidimensional and Galactic consciousness to enter the collective consciousness as to where you are the conduit for these energies.

Focussing on the inner planes and Love assists the collective as you are one with it.  See yourselves all with roots underneath your body, as to where these roots are rooted in a grid of Light and consciousness that forms the collective of this Humanity as well as Gaia.  When you focus on the inner planes of Self you feed through your roots, the grid of the collective where you partake in.  You pass then on al the peace and the serenity you are and express.  This has an effect for all and if all are holding that same intention, thought and vibration through the Self, the more empowering this will work for the collective grid.  Do not allow fear to be integrated or to partake in your lives, but stand one with Love and inner peace. This will sooth blasting and heating energies of aggression and hatred.

I AM that I AM
Méline Portia Lafont ❤

In Love, service and unity

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