Sophia Love – Why Am I (Still) Here? – 13 January 2015

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Knowing Who I AM has still not led me to why I’m here. I have a calling to aid in the awakening of humanity, yet no avenues for that are manifesting. No job, no prospects, and no longer willing to take employment that isn’t beneficial to humanity and/or the planet, my options are quite limited. Too late to go back to school, have trouble meditating, and struggling with mood swings and depression, perhaps caused by my work situation and/or info overload.

Any guidance or suggestions would be appreciated Sophia, as I feel disconnected from most folks due to my research and knowledge base. Alas, no one seems to want to wake up, sigh.

Please help me if you can, as I have been in this limbo for a few years now, and question daily why I’m still here.

Love and Light

Hi there!  Thank you for voicing a question felt by so many of us.  You are still here because it is your choice to be here now.  Perhaps you don’t remember making that choice, or have come to regret it recently, yet the choice to be here and to stay is made freely.  I understand there is a long waiting list to incarnate!

There have been several women in my life, who, as they approached and then passed the 100 year mark, have asked the same question.  Remarks like “God forgot about me” were often spoken by them. It is more like “No, God saved the best for last”.  There are no mistakes.  There is still something for you to do.

But what?

This transition is not simple or easy; you chose it because it is the quickest route to evolution/mastery … Call it whatever you want, creation education is the main game to be played by humanity.  What you create is up to you. You are practicing to evolve to “god-hood” if we can coin a word, and from that point create your own universe.

You say “Knowing Who I AM has still not led me to why I’m here”.  Until we are each completely cognizant of every fractal of our multi-dimensional selves, none of us do.  What you can do now is take care of and proceed into whatever territory shows up and appeals to some part of you.  Perhaps, while there, your actions or their resulting effect will elucidate your purpose.  Perhaps not, yet the marvelous thing about being here is that we are continuous creators; there is always another chance.

This “Awakening” is happening on a grand scale while in the tiniest of beings and rooms… there is no place you can occur that is not aiding in its happening.  Your specific work can be almost anything and with the intention of love, unity and collaboration; miracles manifest.  Your effect is like a pebble tossed gently into a pond. Each person shown love as a solution rather than ideas of “better, profit, compete and gain” will then take those ideas into their world.  These are world changing moments.

I understand your frustration.  It seems to be taking forever. I too want to do just one thing that will catapult it into NOW.  The funny thing is, you are, and so am I.  This question and answer will be read by many.  Your revolutionary ideas don’t have to be shared with everyone you know, but your love and compassion and unified way of thinking is, right now.  This energetic shift, felt collectively yet understood by just a portion of us, is changing everything.  The climate is ripe for change.  You helped create that.

I have several jobs that have nothing to do with what I blog about.  In fact, they are inside systems I disagree with on a fundamental level.  It is a struggle to operate inside of systems set up to disempower and categorize people (specifically, school and government systems) knowing the truth.  Yet what I know about the truth is that it cannot be stifled any longer. If I don’t take it into some pretty dark places, who will and when?  There are no small moments.  There are no inconsequential acts of love.

Every organization set up within the new paradigm is worthy.  Every organization still operating under the existing system is morphing, right now, in ways as yet unseen on a grand scale.  What is always true is that your effect cannot be measured in dollars or how you earn your living.  I did not go to school for education or even writing, yet the bulk of my life is spent in both arenas.  It doesn’t matter where you are.  What matters is that you bring your full presence with you wherever you end up and THAT is how this awakening happens – One being at a time, one moment at a time. When that idea is realized within, then regardless of what you do to “make a living’ (a ridiculous notion), will feel worthwhile and contributory and satisfying.

Feelings of appreciation for the chance to change things, if taken with you wherever you go, will allow more opportunities for your true “work” to manifest.  Each day, intend to feel grateful for another chance to watch and participate in this awakening.  You may be surprised at what shows up.  I wish you powerful ideas, a willing attitude and lots of love.


~Sophia / link to original article

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