Lisa Gawlas – Thunder, Acceleration And Morphing… – 15 January 2015

lisagawlas2I have decided it is really difficult to get a true grip on this wonderful new world we are in and explain any of it in detail.  It is like watching various brush strokes being laid down on a canvas, something is forming… but what exactly???  Hard to say for sure.

My last reading on Monday was a wonderful lady from down under, on the next days date line, which I didn’t realize she was giving us a view of the energies of yesterday.  I could see and feel her energy signature standing in the center of her field of life, but I couldn’t see her biology.  Instead, the focus was on this massive geyser like energy system coming out of her abdomen area shooting outwards to her future.  The geyser of energy shot out easily 10 feet, then I couldn’t see beyond it.  Of course, there I am with my ever familiar… what the hell is that??  This was her desires, the energy she has gathered over time and is now readily employable in this new fully functional earth.  She was literally already hydrating her future and with it, pushing away all the things that no longer serve her.

As I put my vision back on her etheric body, suddenly she became like a little fish, jumping in and out of the energy geyser gushing form her, moving both forward and up and down (in and out) of this system.  Thank goodness her team was readily available to explain what I was stumped at seeing (her whole visual!! lol)


They explained that the geyser was the increase in her entire energy system, speeding up, emotionally charged, sprawling outwards to her (perceived future.)  The image of an (energetic) fish, which was her too, was her ability to fluidly move with the accelerations, swim within the speed of changes, take a breath as she goes.  But with it, they also said she is morphing into her next expression of herself and all of life is morphing with her to express itself for her new form.

She obviously was a bookend to my first lady on the field that day.  There was so much quantum physics involved in her reading, my head was splitting trying to keep up.  With this lady, I heard the song clip “its like thunder and lightening” and then I could see this massive thunder ball, like the size of a beach ball, except it was an earthy tan color and kinda furry too.  In the thunderclap, this thunder ball exploded and released itself 5 feet across her path (from west to east, we travel south to north) and there were so much details overlaid on top of each other in what I would easly say was a pencil thick.

I had to understand first, what thunder really is, cuz that is where the focus of her reading was, not on the lightening but on the thunder ball releasing… whatever.  Here is what I found (taken from this website):

Lightning is a huge discharge of electricity, and this electricity shoots through the air, causing vibrations to be formed in two ways:

1. The electricity passes through the air and causes air particles to vibrate. The vibrations are heard as sound.

2. The lightning is also very hot and heats up the air around it. Hot air expands, and in this case the air expands very quickly, pushing apart the air particles with force and creating more vibrations.

This is what we hear and call thunder – the rumbling of thunder is simply caused by the vibration or sound of the air affected by lightning. If you’re nearby to a lightning strike, you may have heard thunder as a really loud crack, almost like the sound of a whip being cracked. But, most of the time we hear thunder as a loud, long rumble.

In fact, the crack sound is the direct sound of the lightning near us, reaching our ears. The more common rumbling effect happens when thunder echoes off objects all around us. This happens a lot in towns and cities, where there are lots of buildings for the noise to bounce off. However even in flat areas of land, with no trees or other objects, there is quite often a rumble as the thunder simply bounces off the ground on its way to our ears. All this echoing transforms the original ‘crack’ sound into a longer ‘rumble’!

So in this ongoing acceleration lightening is striking and many people are hearing the thunder bring released from it.  I didn’t realize this connection until this morning.  There was a discussion on my facebook about hearing morris code in the ears lately.  In fact, we have all have been dealing with the sounds in our ears… acceleration happening.  Like thunder, when it bounces off the energy forming, it creates rumbling or bleeps of morris code or sharp pitches.

I did ask too, but still am clueless, how could everything be overlaid or emerging from an area no thicker than a pencil line.  Again, just like with dimensions… there is so much we do not yet understand about the quantum world we live within.

I didn’t take any of this into the readings yesterday, not until my first lady showed up and there she was, in full morphing energy.  But before I get to that, let me back up with my own personal strangeness that started yesterday.

By 8pm the night prior, my eyes became like bricks and I just had to close them and go to sleep.  I feel into such a massively deep sleep… for the next 10 hours!!  I woke up just before 7am, but it was oddly dark outside.  I thought maybe my cellphone was showing the wrong time, it had to be much earlier cuz there wasn’t a stitch of daylight anywhere.  Even as I moved into my kitchen, it just felt… different.  Odd even.  Like I had to keep orienting myself that I am indeed within my home, but it all just felt… different.  I kept looking outside the windows, no daylight at all and now its after 7am.  I was trying to remember, is every day this dark at this late hour?  I don’t think so, but it had to be.  (this morning, I can assure myself, no it starting to be daylight by 7am.)

I went into my first reading with this spacial disorientation.  Of course she showed up in the energy of morphing.  Thats when it dawned on me, my lady down under was actually showing us the next step in this series of accelerations.  Hmmmmm.

Because we are now actively and even passively making choices within our morphing, the outcome is still unknown.  In a reading the other day, a persons team member said we start making choices long before it is even a conscious choice in our minds.

But I want to fast forward to the strangest experience I have ever had, well… ever.  It happened with my 4th reading yesterday.  She too was in the state of morphing, I was trying to explain how I seen her and the energy of new life presented as fractal forms was how I seen her.  She was puzzled and since this was actually a very simple image, I did something I have never done before… I told her to hang on, I will draw it and email it to her immediately.  I scribbled out the way I seen her:


The only thing I understood about her spiral image of her body and energy system as one, it was unfolding at about 3 feet above the ground, representing a higher vibration when she is done.  Thats about all I understood.

She and I were also supposed to meet in person later this month and spend some days at the hot springs near the 4 corners (she lives in Colorado.) Since the weather has been so snowy, we decided to postpone our adventure til near valentines day.

After I hung up with her I placed my phone to the left side of my computer, got up to do my dishes when I noticed a bunch of black on my phone.  I thought I somehow globbed cigarette ash on my phone, even tho I don’t remember just putting a cigarette out…  I picked up my phone to clean it off and realized, its not ash but ink, a ton of freakin ink:

inky phone

I thought… shit, my ink pen must have exploded.  The first thing I did was check my hands, sure I was an inky mess myself.  Not a spot of ink on me, none on my thumb which holds that right part of that phone, and the ink pen, perfect.  I even swiped my fingers up and down the entirety of the ink pen, no ink mess at all.  What the hell?  I went into my mirror, sure that my brand new pink sweater must now be sporting ink at the color, nope no ink on my face or my clothes or anywhere.

I do want to mention too, that the ink was still kinda wet, I got a napkin to try and clean it up, some of the ink came off on the napkin, but most was already dried.  Weird!!

The only thing with my mind scrambling to understand how this is possible, I heard my team say “a bleed thru of realities.”  Huh?  With ink??  Well, I did something I never did before, I created a drawing in the moment and the energy of morphing was relative to both of us… so the energy presented itself on the communication device I was using.  I had to check my cell phone, since that is the one that took the picture and sent her the email:

protective case


Thank god it only happened to the protective case on my cell and did not get on the cell phone itself.  But I was still scratching my head on how could I possibly have two hand held devices smeared with thick ink and me not have even have a tiny stain on my fingers?

Not even 30 minutes after this strange inky event, my computer started shutting down, saying something about the fan and it getting too hot every time I tried to reboot it.  What the hell is happening over here in my simple little world.

By 7pm, my entire windstream connection went down… no more internet connection, not more landline use… they were completely down until I went to sleep at least (about 10pm.)  I was grateful to see they fixed themselves while we slept!

It is going to be interesting to see what today holds!!  On that note, my day is about to being.  I think it would be much cooler if instead of ink sprawling into my world… it was you instead.  I think tho, we would both freak out, at least for a minute!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with wide eyed wonder to All!!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article

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