Wes Annac – The Voice Within: You’ll Learn The Truth – 16 January 2015

wesannac2Stay active, stay receptive, and know that as you at least try to do your best with your time on earth, you’re making a bigger internal and external change than you realize.

The motivation many of you are feeling to examine your habits and tendencies and ask yourselves if they serve or hurt your spiritual growth are leading you to make potent inner changes, and these changes will allow you to contribute to your conscious revolution with more enthusiasm than you have so far.

For this reason and plenty of others, you’ll always be encouraged to continue learning, growing and developing. The best thing that can be encouraged at this point is to keep your mind and heart open and refuse to let the usual distractions keep you from doing what you’ve come to earth to do.

Don’t let the distractions and pitfalls of life on earth keep you from raising your vibration and the vibration of the rest of the world with the various creative and spiritual practices you’ve come to resonate with, and know that as you stay dedicated and refuse to wane, you make it easier for others to discover their spirituality and eventually traverse the path of enlightenment.

Getting others to traverse the path you’ve chosen isn’t necessarily your reason for being on earth – uplifting yourselves and everyone around you who’s been lost in the darkness of the lower vibrations is.

As you continue to motivate yourselves to wholeheartedly contribute to your conscious revolution, you widen the ascension portal and help others find a higher perception that’s free of the painful yet ultimately illusory shackles that have bound you to your physical reality.

As long as you stay attuned to your intuition and stay confident in yourselves and what you’re doing, the amount of people you’ll awaken and uplift will surprise you.

You just have to be willing to keep your spiritual and intuitive connections strong with constant practice, and you’re encouraged to practice every day if you want to hone your spiritually rooted talents.

You can take your evolution (and the creativity that comes with it) at whatever pace you want, but the more consistently you practice, the easier it’ll be to use your talents to awaken others who are just starting to free themselves from the self-imposed illusion you call consensus reality.

Stay strong and willing to contribute in the face of all adversity, and know that you can always call on your inner voice for support, guidance and assistance with any difficult aspects of the spiritual path.

You intuition is more helpful than you realize, and when you can let go of the ego’s overbearing influence, you’ll open up to the pure, unfiltered guidance of the soul self; the higher self; whatever you want to call the aspect of your consciousness that’s rooted in the higher realms and seeks to assist you along your growth back into these realms.

The intuition, along with the soul self it connects you to, are realer than you can imagine, and the same can be said for what you’ve called your ‘spiritual guides’. Your guides are as real as each of you, and yet, they’d seem like pure fantasy if most people on your planet were introduced to the idea of their existence.

You’ll learn the truth in due time, but for now, continue to be as strong and active as you can and know that you’re making a difference, even if it isn’t readily apparent.

By Wes Annac, January 16, 2015, http://cultureofawareness.com / link to original article


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