Steve Lendman – Deconstructing Netanyahu In Paris – 17 January 2015

StevelendmanHe gatecrashed Paris. French President Francois Hollande urged him to stay home. He wasn’t wanted. He came anyway.

He gatecrashed Paris. French President Francois Hollande urged him to stay home. He wasn’t wanted. He came anyway.

Couldn’t bear not being among other leaders. An array of world rogues. As many as 50 showed up.

Participating in phony Charlie Hebdo homage. A disgusting hypocritical display. Netanyahu muscled his way to the front of the pack.

Used his attendance for campaign purposes. Israeli elections are two months away. He outraged his host by urging French Jews to emigrate to Israel. Their “historic homeland,” he said.

Who ever heard of a head of state urging citizens of another country to leave? Saying they’d be better off doing so.

Netanyahu is a world-class thug. A fascist by any standard. Racist. Lawless. Ruthless. Other countries should declare him persona non grata.

Hold him accountable for high crimes against peace. Issue a Interpol arrest warrant. Demand his extradited for prosecution.

French Jews and invited guests were subjected to his bluster and Big Lies. He spoke at Paris’s Great Synagogue. Why those in charge invited him, they’ll have to explain.

He doesn’t give a damn about anyone but his own self-interest. Saying “all citizens of Israel and Jews around the world stand with France and the French people” is rubbish.

Adding insult to injury he conveyed hypocritical “condolences to the families of the journalists and police and all those innocent people who were murdered while realizing their most basic rights: freedom of expression, freedom of thought and freedom of belief, even the freedom not to believe.”

Previous articles said Paris killings were less about terrorism and more about false flag deception. Nothing to do with free expression.

Everything to do with fear-mongering. Using both Kouarchi brothers and Coulibaly as convenient patsies.

Escalating war on Islam. Permanent wars on Muslim countries. Greater homeland repression. Making the world safe for monied interests. At the expense of popular ones.

“Today I marched through the streets of Paris, in one line with leaders from around the world, in order to say that terror must end,” said Netanyahu.

State terror alone matters. Israel and America are the world’s worst perpetrators. Committing virtually every high crime imaginable.

Highlighted by genocidal cold-blooded murder. Largely against defenseless civilians. People unable to fight back.

Cannon fodder for “the world’s most moral army.” Cold, calculated, premeditated naked aggression its distinctive characteristic.

Netanyahu hypocritically “salute(d) French security forces who acted with remarkable bravery…” Terrorizing Parisians. Muslims most of all. Operating with license to kill henceforth.

Israelis “experienced (pain) many times because we have been fighting against terror for many years,” Netanyahu claimed.

“For years, the best of our sons and daughters were killed in many terror attacks, and the finest of our fighters fell in heroic battles against terrorism, including just recently during Operation Protective Edge (OPT).”

It bears repeating. State terror alone matters. America and Israel are the world’s worst offenders. OPT was well-planned naked aggression.

Having nothing to do with Hamas rockets. Nonexistent Palestinian terror. Everything to do with preventing Palestinian self-determination.

Fatah/Hamas unity. Maintaining occupation harshness. Expanding settlements on stolen Palestinian land. Denying fundamental rights everyone deserves.

“Our shared enemy is radical Islam,” said Netanyahu. Western/Israeli-sponsored state terror is the “shared enemy” of free people everywhere. The “poison tree,” Netanyahu cites.

Israel and America comprise its roots and branches. Wanting what Netanyahu calls “dark tyranny” imposed on everyone.

“(T)rampl(ing) anyone” not bowing to their will. Netanyahu’s bluster wore thin long ago. Claiming “radical Islam” seeks Israel’s destruction is rubbish.

Radical Israel seeks regional dominance. One eliminated rival at a time. By wars, coups, targeted assassinations or other means.

Claiming it’s the region’s only democracy is polar opposite truth. One “truly safe for Christians, women, minorities, that respects all human rights” is nonsense.

Or that Israel is “an island of Western democracy and tolerance in an ocean of fanaticism and violence that it wishes to impose on the Middle East, Europe and the entire world.”

Netanyahu makes painful listening. “Israel is not under attack because of this or that detail of its policies, but rather because of its very existence and nature,” he claimed.

Israel is hated because of its war on Palestine. Its vilification of Arabs. Calling them subhumans.

Wanting them eliminated altogether. De-Arabization is official Israeli policy. So is state terror. Institutionalized racism. Occupation harshness.

Persecuting Muslims for praying to the wrong God. Calling them part of “a global network of radical Islam.”

“(A) network of hatred, fanaticism and murder. Worsening “when thousands of terrorists come to Europe from the killing fields of the Middle East.”

“The danger will grow much greater and will become a serious threat to humanity at large if radical Islam gains control over nuclear weapons, and therefore we must use all means to prevent Iran from acquiring an atomic weapon.”

Iran’s nuclear program has no military component. Or intention to develop one. Israel is nuclear armed and dangerous.

Its illegal chemical and biological arsenals are formidable. Used along with radiological and other illegal weapons in wars on Palestine. Against Lebanon in 2006. Against any adversary it attacks.

“Only when the international community fights our shared enemy in a uniform manner will we know that we are on the path to victory,” Netanyahu hyperventilated.

“I promise you: Israel will continue to fight against terror. Israel will continue to defend itself, and we know that when we defend ourselves, we defend the entire civilized world.”

Israel is a rogue terror state. Affording Jews alone rights. Mass murdering Palestinians. Terrorizing them daily.

Threatening world peace. Urging French Jews emgrate to Israel. Ludicrously claiming it’s where they’ll be safe. “(W)elcomed with open arms and warm and accepting hearts,” said Netanyahu.

They’ll not “arrive in a foreign land but rather the land of our forefathers. God willing, they will come and many of you will come to our home.”

Most French Jews, Christians and others prefer their own. Offended being asked to leave for where they don’t wish to live.

Can you blame them? Fascist nations are no places for free people. Many fed up Israeli vote with their feet and leave.

On Monday, Netanyahu held private talks with heads of three French Jewish organizations. The Consistoire involved with religious affairs.

The Representative Council of French Jewish Organizations (CRIF). A political organization. The United Social Jewish Funds. Focusing on education and culture.

Netanyahu met their leaders in his hotel. He ludicrously compared French Jewish “complacency” with Jew’s status in pre-Spanish Inquisition Spain.

It’s hard imagine anyone taking him seriously. He’s like Obama. Turning truth on its head consistently. Repeating one Big Lie after another.

Blaming Palestinian victims for Israeli high crimes. Reinventing history numerous times. Reports suggested Jewish leaders called him “harsh (and) deeply insulting.”

One anonymous participant calling him unapologetic for urging French emigration to Israel. As a better place to live, he suggested.

“Imagine if following a terror attack in (Israel) the French president (called on) Jews to leave for France, the anonymous source said.

Another unnamed participant cited Netanyahu saying an Israeli prime minister’s job is to tell Jews to come to Israel.

He quoted him saying “(o)f course you love life here and think things are fine, but they’re not.”

At the same time, he acknowledged huge financial and professional issues facing Jews emigrating to Israel.

Without explaining existential Israeli state-sponsored terrorism. The  dangers it imposes. Waging war on Palestine. Partnered with Obama’s Syria war.

Threatening Lebanon. Destabilizing much of the region. Force-feeding neoliberal harshness.

Making Israel one of the most unequal societies compared with Western ones. Matched or exceeded only by America and Britain.

American Israeli Professor Jeff Halper recounted how his grandmother warned years ago about Israel being “no place for a Jewish boy.”

Now more than ever. With fascists like Netanyahu in charge. Majority likeminded ones like him. Turning Israel into a police state.

Like America, Britain and France. Increasingly across Europe. A cancer threatening humanity.

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