#BlueLivesMatter: Hundreds Rally In Support Of Police Officers In Washington DC – 18 January 2015

RT logo(Lucas: in every read the past months there is division in one way or the other played out. We still go for it and let us divide and conquer, we still believe in what is told and said and do not investigate and discern. From false flags, created incidents and instigated wars on terror, from Charlie Hebdo to racial, political, religious conflict, it is all created. You need to see the division it intends to create and see the bigger picture. Stop being played and play others in believing and dividing even further as followers .)

Hundreds of police officers, their families, and supporters have participated in a pro-police rally in Washington, DC, at a time when tensions between police and the public are heating up nationwide.

The rally, known as ‘End the Madness’ or ‘Sea of Blue,’ saw the streets of the US capital flooded with blue flags, as the around 600-strong crowd descended on the National Law Enforcement Memorial. Carrying “Blue Lives Matter” banners and chanting “Police, Thank you,” the crowd marched to the Capitol building.

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