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ActivistPost – Midnight Ride: When Rogue Politicians Call For Martial Law – 18 January 2015

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Even the perennially blind are beginning to notice the police and surveillance state that has been quietly built around us since 9/11. We have seen de facto martial law declared following the Boston Marathon bombing, and any other place where an isolated incident or threat of an incident will trigger enhanced security measures such as checkpoints, curfews, pre-crime arrests and widespread police brutality. Couple this with onerous legislation like the PATRIOT Act and the NDAA, and one must conclude that warnings about tyrannical military rule inside the United States is no longer a far-fetched conspiracy theory.

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Most People Easy To Convince They Committed A Crime That Never Happened – Study – 18 January 2015

RT logoWith enough personal background information about someone’s past, an interviewer can quite easily manipulate that person into confessing to a crime that he or she did not commit – or which never even happened, alleges a new study.

Researchers from Britain’s University of Bedfordshire and Canada’s University of British Columbia based their study on a questionnaire filled out by the primary caregivers of 60 university students. The relatives were requested to describe events that the students experienced between the ages of 11 and 14.

Upon receiving the surveys, psychologists then questioned the students themselves about their past experiences, in a series of three 40-minute “friendly” interviews.

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ZeroHedge – Central Banks Upside Down – 18 January 2015

 ZeroHedgeFrom Raúl Ilargi Meijer of The Automatic Earth

Central Banks Upside Down

The Swiss have unleashed a pretty wild storm in financial markets. All sorts of companies and people today are licking their wounds, and quite a few will simply have to fold. It’s no exception to be so leveraged in foreign exchange wagers that a move of a few percent can wipe you out, let alone one of 30%. Leverage makes sure that right off the bat a whole bunch of foreign exchange brokers, including FXCM, the biggest, are literally dead in the water – FXCM stock fell 90% -.

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US Visa Waiver Program Is Loophole For Extremists, ‘Much Work’ Needed – DHS Chief – 18 January 2015

RT logoAmid the heightened terror alert in the EU, authorities in Washington are concerned that extremists who have received training in Iraq or Syria and since returned back to Europe might also try to slip into the US undetected through a visa waiver program.

“To deal with the foreign fighter potential, the foreign fighter threat presented now globally, we need to develop more robust information sharing with our key counterterrorism allies overseas to share information about individuals of suspicion,” Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Friday.

READ MORE: US troops training Syrian ‘moderates’ could top 1,000 – Pentagon

Johnson’s comments reflect Washington’s growing fear that jihadi trained EU nationals coming from Syria and Iraq might use a US visa waiver loophole to enter American soil to carry out attacks.

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NSA Develops Cyber Weapons, ‘Attacker Mindset’ For Domination In Digital War – Snowden Leaks – 18 January 2015

RT logoMass surveillance by the NSA was apparently just the beginning. The agency is now preparing for future wars in cyberspace, in which control over the internet and rival networks will be the key to victory, documents leaked by Edward Snowden reveal.

The National Security Agency’s aim is to be able to use the web to paralyze the enemy’s computer networks and all infrastructures they control – including power and water supplies, factories, airports, and banking systems, Der Spiegel magazine wrote after viewing the secret files.

The publication stresses that international conventions regulating the new digital weapons of the 21st century are almost non-existent, and the only law that applies in the field is “the survival of the fittest.”

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There Are More Slaves Today Than Ever Before In Human History – 19 January 2015

ZeroHedgePope Francis rang in the New Year by calling on people to work together to end slavery:

All of us are called to be free, all are called to be sons and daughters, and each, according to his or her own responsibilities, is called to combat modern forms of enslavement. From every people, culture and religion, let us join our forces.

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‘We Are Fed Up!’: Thousands March Against TTIP & GMOs In Berlin – 18 January 2015

RT logoA broad alliance of farmers, ethical consumers, and anti-capitalist activists staged a march through Berlin that numbered up to 50,000, to denounce the proposed TTIP treaty between the US and EU, and mass farming technologies.

More than 120 organizations joined the fifth annual ‘We are Fed Up!’ demonstration, which this year focused on the increased importation of American farming practices – such as genetic modification, frequent antibiotic injections for animals, and chemical meat treatments – following the implementation of the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

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