Bill Ballard – Thank You Sandra Walter – Ceremonies At Heart Of Turtle Island – 19 January 2015

Uploaded on 18 January 2015 by pearls2u

THANK YOU SANDRA WALTER AND PATRICIAL COTES ROBLES! The ceremony to uplift the frequencies here at the Heart of Turtle Island and around the Memphis Tennessee area has been done and energies are increasing… Many majical things unfolded leading up to the ceremony and then thereafter as I considered the date we were called to do it…. It feels as a vortex/portal has indeed energized and I will keep you posted as it continues.

While this video was uploading, I was checking my messages and had a friend send me a video of a “Cigar Shaped UFO” which I was describing in this video that we saw just as we finished ceremony… This was EXACTLY what James Brown and I saw and filmed 3 days earlier.…


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