Lisa Gawlas – Death,(Re)Birth, And Our Emotional Focus! – 19 January 2015

lisagawlas2I can so feel the magic already brewing in this new year.  Thru you, I can see how the groundwork is being laid, the seeds of desire imprinted and growing in the fabric of your life.  But it all does still require your cultivation, your excitement and placing yourself in front of unexpected opportunities.

I can also feel and see the wheel of change moving rapidly, for some it may feel a bit unhinging when life suddenly changes around you, but there is such a greater alignment taking place.  I can liken it to a magnetic pull towards a greater expanse in your life field, the realignment towards your soul family.

While all this is taking place, there is soooo much happening in the space in and around us, what I have been calling acceleration points.  Until yesterday morning I really didn’t fully understand how that is all working out thru us, none of us have a point of reference to connect anything with, its all new and for the most part, exciting!!

We entered 2015 with the accelerations hitting our physical bodies, cough, blow, wipe… we barely caught our breath from that and the next acceleration hit, for me personally, it was like taking a large dose of speed, which my body does not handle even a small dose very well.  The insides of my body was vibrating so fast I started to fall apart doing readings.  Yet, had I really paid attention to the 4 readings I did do, I would have realized what was happening… again, slow on the uptake here.  The next series of accelerations hit home, the place/building/structure you spend the majority of your day within.  For me personally, since I live and work at home, it hit my literal home strongly.  So strong I woke up to find a dead bird (a junco) laying just outside my backdoor.  That little bird became a very strong messanger for me, after I got over the shock of seeing it.

Now, let me back up for a moment.  My landlady got a new cat this past summer.  A male cat with an amazing will to live.  His name is Charlie and was a rescue cat.  He was attacked by a bear, ripped open, stitched up and not only survived, but is now thriving here on the Mesa.  Once he was strong enough to go outside and fend for himself, he found himself a little stray kitten and befriended him to the point of becoming the adoptive father.  My landlady now has two cats.  These cats are mighty hunters, which is their base nature and living here, they really do need to be as well.  It took me a little while to be ok with their hunting, since they seemed to target the birds and of course, I chum the waters ever day for their hunt by putting birdseed out.

These creatures really helped me to get to a place of true forgiveness of the dogs that mauled our precious daisy dukes to death earlier this year.  Base instinct is hard for any animal to overcome.

As time went by,  I realized, many of the critters that once came to the backyard to feed, are gone.  No more squirrels, rabbits or even the ground birds, the quail show up to eat.  For the two days prior to finding that dead bird (on the 17th of January) these missing critters were on my heart big time.  I was sad and growing a resentment to the cats and the loss of critters showing up.  That is, until the bigger picture was revealed to me with the junco, which actually represents the world stage as well.

In my world, in my readings, cats always represent the divine feminine, dogs the divine masculine.  These two cats happen to be males, what one can really consider old energy males to boot.  Hunters.  Living from base instinct and doing it thru the divine feminine.  Charlie, he is a lover tho.  He is not all kill, and is ready and available for love.

In these changing times, many of the old base instincts had to be brought up to the surface thru many people and animals for the clearing.  Dreams come true cannot happen over the old landscape, the old energy imprint, no matter how divine it seemed to be.  The clearing MUST take place for the new dream to manifest.

The junco itself brought a message of fulfillment.  It was the first (of two) bird(s) to suddenly manifest itself in my livingroom, the junco arrived sometime in 2012.  It showed us what is possible, and now, that possibility for US to do the same is in full grace thru the death, the clearing process.

The vibration of our personal earth space (home) is accelerating, keeping time with the biological acceleration, if not amping that up as well.  We can look at it as the rocket fuel is being loaded into the rocket itself.  The next phase of this acceleration series is the outer landscape of our creative world (beyond our homes.)  If I am understanding this next series correctly, it would be like moving into a massive GPS system that you can feel and sometimes, see.  Tuning in and trusting, key.

They (my team) are showing this to me in this way:  Lets say you went for a long walk down a familiar trail and suddenly you stop walking as if a wall just appeared in front of you and something is pulling you to the left… walk left!!  It’s the magnetics taking you to a new adventure.  This, of course, is just putting it simply and many have already experienced something like this in their collective past and even present.  From what I am understanding, this is just the beginning of our new travel adventures.

Now I am also understand the moment of contraction of our field.  Every acceleration is creating new choices from deep within our unconscious, changing the layout of the field and enhancing the target points.  I think the best way to explain this is, we came into 2015 with a lot of stem cells as seeds.  A fully loaded garden of potential.  The stem cell seeds are turned on by our emotional attention.  Their ability to manifest is already there, we just need to cultivate, with a clear and focused emotional field, their germination.  Let me tell you, it is not like growing an actual garden where ya gotta wait and wait and wait for the fruit (or veggies) to arrive, no sir-reee.

I can give you my own little example beyond the weight loss, which really was my only focus until last evening as I was pondering all this information.  I have already decided, especially being with my kids, I am not spending another year in the house pondering stuff, I really want to get out and play and I want a playmate (the male kind) to do it with.  On a a sudden and focused whim, I got back on a dating site, a free one this time… plenty of fish.  I barely got my profile finished when instant messages started coming in… kewl beans??

I spent the next few hours typing to a gentleman who lives 30 minutes away and who knows where there are crystal mines, one barely down the street from me and I never knew about it, and he even knows the names of crystals I never heard of.  Holy cow… I’m excited!!  Today I will be calling him and then we will conspire to meet in person.

That’s freakin fast!!!  I might as well say, exciting too!!

There is so much that is going to burst into our new exciting reality, suddenly and mind blowingly… are you ready!!??

To the cats, the squirrels, the rabbits and the quail and any other lifeforms that made room for the new in my personal world… thank you!!  To all that is changing, leaving, transforming in the greater world, thank you too.  We are in for an amazing and accelerated rest of our lives… and its about damn time too!!!  The (re)Birth is NOW!!

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) of goosebumps and joy to everyone!!!

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