Aisha North – A Short Update On The Energies – 20 January 2015

Again we choose to speak in parables, but as usual it is not just these words themselves that carry information into your being, but also the inherent tonal frequency within them. And so, our choice of words, though they may be perceived as more than a little vague at times, is in actual fact also covering up the more direct line of information running from us and into your deeper layers. For what your eyes can see, is merely the proverbial tip of the iceberg, in this case, the energetic iceberg, for what lies encoded in the spaces between these words, is information that will make those parts of you fully compatible to this vibrational way of reading literally sit up and listen. Not only that, it will also engender a very specific response from these parts, a response that is in actual fact a vital component of this energetic discourse we mentioned earlier on in this message.

In other words, you are not just reading this message, you are listening to it, with a set of receptors that you for a very long time was not even aware that you had in your possession, but now these hidden parts of you will come more and more to the forefront, and the messages they not only receive but also convey will come to your attention in more ways than one. Again, we choose to skirt around the subject here and not give out any specific details, for this will once again be an individual experience for each and every one of you, as you all will be given the opportunity to begin to listen in and indeed also take a much more active part in this ongoing internal/external exchange that is taking place at an increasingly rapid rate 24/7. For even when you enter these phases where it seems that not much is going on energy wise, and you might feel as if engulfed in a roaring silence after a prolonged period of being guided towards all sorts of informational tidbits from sources near and far, you never actually have any such thing as a “quiet moment”.

Granted, it may seem to be so when the focus shifts, and you find yourself outside that sometimes glaring light of interest that guides you to look, listen and speak out in all sorts of ways because you find yourself being triggered by various themes being served out by others, or indeed by your own inner voice. For when this “beam of interest” suddenly shifts slightly, you might feel as if cast into the silent shadows yet again, and you might begin to think that you have somehow lost the grasp on your own personal trajectory. Well let us simply say that this is not the case, for you will all need time to literally lift your heads above the surface of this at times intensely churning sea of information in order to get your bearings as it were. In other words, this will still very much be a sequence of intense bursts of energy and information coming through, intermingled with periods of seeming inactivity. Again, you will still be very active during these so-called “lulls”, but you will be active in a way that will better enable those deeper parts of you to carry out their important tasks of communication in ways that will result in an optimal distribution of said information.

In other words, you have once again reached a period of turbulence, where these incoming energies will wash over you all in such a way, it might engender quite a few emotional and physical responses in all, no matter if you manage to “tune into” the actual stream of information on a conscious level just yet. And just like when a stream flows over a riverbed, there will be vortexes forming here and there, and these energetic vortexes will be very noticeable to so many of you. Again, there is no reason to believe that any such sense of disturbance or turbulence is a signal of something being amiss, far from it, it is simply a sign of interaction between your energetic field and this incoming flux, an interaction that is in actual fact tailor made just for your own personal benefit. And so, it will engender its very own frequential pattern around you, and it is this pattern of crossing currents that the commingling of these two fields create that will make many of you feel like you are being buffeted by more than the usual stream of energetic particles from time to time. But again, this is simply said to make you aware of what is going on, and not to raise the alarm in any one of you, rather the opposite.

For as you entered the New, you also allowed the frequencies to literally begin to play a whole new tune in communion with those frequencies you have already fixated within your own system, and as such, these new “tunes” will take some time to get used to. Be that as it may, we are confident that you will all take this in your stride, so let your own inner guidance show you the way in this as it should do at all times. In other words, listen well to that inner voice telling you when to be “out and about” and when to stay more in the background, and yes, we do mean this in a very broad sense, for this will include more attributes than merely the ones that govern your daily lives. For you will know when to let your light carry you on a more outwards trajectory and when you feel the need to simply continue that inner journey to those endless fields of discovery that still awaits you. And so again we say know that all is well, and shine your light when you feel guided to stand out as a beacon for all, but do not fault yourself if you feel the need to close your shutters a little bit the better to see that inner path you are still uncovering.

For you have all so much more to discover, both on a personal and a collective level, and now with this new flood of energizing particles inviting you to go for a spin in some very new and hitherto rather unfamiliar patterns, you might need to sit back for a small breather from time to time the better to see where it is you are going. In other words, this at times dizzying dance of forwards momentum should also allow for some quiet moments, for that way, you will find yourself on much more steady feet when the pace increases yet again. For it will, make no mistake about that, and we venture to guess it is a fact many of you have noticed already. For this is an ongoing process of evolution, where each new step brings you to the threshold of another one, and so it goes on. For the moment you have acclimatized yourself to the new elevation, you will be invited to raise yourself and this whole planet to the next level. And by now, the distance between these “stair steps” has become so great, it behooves you all to take a small breather before you venture on for that next giant leap.

So again we say know that all is well as long as you remember to listen well to that inner voice telling you when to jump and when to let yourself simply BE for a while. That way, you will do the best you can for YOU – every single step of this process. And when you do what is best for you, you are in actual fact doing what is best for ALL, and for that, we cannot thank you enough. So let this flood of light wash over you, and allow it to churn you around if that is what is needed, for it is indeed your own personal energetic field interacting with this incoming light that co-creates the very best energetic atmosphere for you to thrive in. It may be somewhat “noisy” at times, but it may also seem a bit “quiet” at times, but that is exactly how it is meant to be. So once again we thank you all for being here right now, and for allowing your personal field to interact with the incoming one in such a way, you will once again create the magic that is the New, from the outer spheres all the way into your very own core and all the way back out again. / link to original article

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