Food Fight: Has The EU Endorsed Its Own Genetic Modification? – 20 January 2015

RT logoNot unsurprisingly as the fuel of humanity, food elicits heated debate. Meanwhile, European unity has fragmented around genetic modification: what’s next?

How to feed an expanding world has long been a heated debate – and so far science has always defeated the skeptics. To put it mildly, those professing doom have (thankfully!) had a hugely average run. The Malthusian delusion was first born in 1798 when a typically inaccurate British cleric waded in with a rather doom laden prediction that humanity’s billion citizens would soon struggle to feed themselves. At least one might argue the Anglican Church’s knee-jerk negative leftist thinking remains a steady treasure trove of stubbornly ill-considered inaccuracy several centuries later. Thus prelates monger panic from the pulpit to feed fear instead of nourishing their flock. Hopefully Anglican theology is more accurate than their ongoing inability to follow science or economics. Malthus’ “An Essay on the Principle of Population” remains one of those tomes which is at once a beloved token of anti-capitalism and a bane to progress for those who recognize the unprecedented growth in prosperity since the industrial revolution.

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