‘Hackers Bigger Concern For Web Users Than NSA Spying’ – 20 January 2015

RT logoWeb users are more concerned about hackers getting into their bank accounts or stealing trade secrets than about the NSA which is simply doing its job by spying on foreign nations, Jeffrey Carr, cyber security expert and CEO of Taia Global, told RT.

The latest Edward Snowden leaks revealed the US is preparing for future cyber wars.

RT: New documents revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden show that the US military is preparing for a new area of battle – cyber warfare. Could you tells us in detail how it is planning to tackle potential enemies?

Jeffrey Carr: Well, it’s not new. Cyber warfare has been around for many years. The Russian government, the US government, the Chinese government, the Korean government, we’ve all been planning for this; it’s a natural extension of conflict except now we are moving it to cyber space. Hopefully, there won’t be a cyber war, but it pays to be prepared. I think that’s really what we are looking at here now. The other thing is the Snowden revelations didn’t have to do with warfare, they had to with espionage. And espionage of course happens all the time. And I think what we are really referring to is not so much warfare as it is spying.

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