Lisa Gawlas – Don’t “Fix” What’s NOT Broken, Enhance It!! – 20 January 2015

lisagawlas2And we are ticking right along!!  Grass is growing, strong energy potentials finally becoming viewable and for one yesterday, right down into June.  Movement!!  For the me, the feeling is, we are finally dressing out our skeleton!!  There is one consistent, recurring theme thru the readings with an elongated view… JOY and FUN!!  No matter what you’re doing, how it is unfolding, focus on the joy of it all, if there is no joy… get out of that and find what leads your heart in joy.

I also know, old habits, old ways of looking at how we are “supposed” to move forward, is difficult to break, especially when something feels so familiar in the way we have gotten to here.  Example, whats happening within the body itself.  Once again we may be feeling like we have to clear something or address something because the body is doing the only thing it knows how… feeling weathered with all the changes.  My team, almost daily now, reminds me that the body feels this way whether we are purging or accelerating.  Knowing which landscape you are on is key.  If you are still traipsing about the old earth, then yes, there are things you need to address, however, if you are aligned with the new earth, leave it alone, don’t think you have to go in and fix yourself in some way.  That is not to say don’t take something (for example, my albuterol inhalers cuz I really like breathing without effort) but knowing it is the acceleration of the whole system called your life, is key.  Otherwise, you go in a fix something is not broken and you end up… well… changing the upswing in frequency.

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